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Agadexo exoskeleton from Agade

Agadexo back exoskeleton from Agade, which combines mechanics with AI for the first time.

Industry sectors

  • Dispo
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Mounting

Functions and advantages

Everything you need to know about the features and benefits of the Agadexo exoskeleton from Agade need to know.

AGADEXO is an innovative exoskeleton designed to assist operators with manual material handling (MMH) in a variety of settings.


It is based on AGADE's hybrid robotic technology, which provides intelligent support with low power consumption. During MMH activities, AGADEXO is able to automatically compensate for physical effort in relation to the user's movements and motions. The low power consumption significantly reduces the weight of the batteries and motors on board, making AGADEXO lightweight and comfortable.


The modular design can support the shoulders and lumbar spine separately through the two versions, AGADEXO Shoulder and Low-back, or both simultaneously in the AGADEXO Full-body version to tailor the best human augmentation experience to the needs of the market.

Close cooperation is maintained with the customer's operating personnel.

It directly involves employees and workers in a journey of exchange and development that has the common goal of achieving better occupational safety combined with improved process efficiency.

Collaboration with customers begins with the analysis of usage scenarios for the exoskeleton. The collected data is used to define the optimal requirements for force balance, ergonomics and usability of the device. The adaptation of the functional properties of AGADEXO to the requirements of the application is then followed by practical tests in which the end users are directly involved.

AGADE (from which the startup takes its name) is the wearable robotics technology behind AGADEXO's operations.


It is a hybrid drive designed to intelligently compensate for gravity while minimizing energy consumption and production costs. This is possible thanks to its unique and patented design, which consists of a spring, an optimized kinematic transmission and a small motor.


AGADE is able to adapt muscle unloading to the user's movements and detect the presence of a user-selected payload. Thus, AGADEXO can achieve a gravity compensation of 25 kg, with up to 10 times the power reduction compared to conventional electric motors used in active exoskeletons.

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Company information

Facts & Figures

The idea of AGADE was born in 2018 from a research project on assistive exoskeletons at the Politecnico di Milano.

Company address

  • AGADE S.r.l.
  • Via Antonio Mambretti
  • 32, 20157 Milan
  • MI - Italy
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