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Disclaimer and the information are information and entertainment offers and do not constitute medical advice. 

Although we publish all information as objectively as possible, no one should make personal decisions of their health based on websites. Please seek additional advice from your physician or therapist. Even if we comment on future prospects, advantages, disadvantages, costs, risks and opportunities, these are only our personal assessments, which can never replace own research or professional advice. The final decision should always be made with a medical specialist and the health care provider. In particular, health decisions should not be made under any circumstances based on, or solely based on, the information read. Despite careful research, the authors and hosts may be mistaken about facts, as well as the assessment of the present. The articles, data and assessments we publish have been researched with the greatest possible care. The producers were informed about it and have the possibility to check the data. A guarantee or liability for the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the content and information provided can therefore not be accepted. 

Exclusion of consultation:

The content provided and displayed for retrieval is for your information only. General and individual therapy or usage advice is not offered within the framework of this Internet presence. The provision of content is expressly not associated with any recommendation. In individual consultations we never recommend a single solution, but always a selection of two to three solutions, suitable for your requirements. This selection is then further selected for you in the presence of the service provider or, in the case of industrial exoskeletons, by a partner certified in the product, until the right solution is found for you. The consultation only takes place in order to be able to make a preliminary selection. 

Read the studies in advance and question all content on this website. 

Stay Healthy and Do your Research! 

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