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Updates from the manufacturer


The robotic exoskeleton of a paraplegic veteran

Can robotic exoskeletons make our human workers stronger?

Robotic therapy: tech2people opens neuro-therapy center in Vienna

In a historic move, Medicare proposes a provisional reimbursement level for ReWalk's personal exoskeleton

Model nursing home: Tübingen's Lebensphasenhaus is expanded

Exoskeletons will get a permanent place

Care Technology Fund in Upper Austria: Two million euros for the development of innovative technologies such as exoskeletons

Wandercraft announces the start of commercial operations in the U.S. with the launch of Atalante X research at the Kessler Foundation

How exoskeletons will change the work of waste collection workers

The dawn of a new era: exoskeleton technology

Entitlement to an exoskeleton as an assistive device (Social Court decision)

XPO Logistics rolls up Hunic exoskeleton

First exoskeleton - then World Cup

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