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With just a few clicks you can view suitable industrial & medical exoskeletons as well as book test weeks directly at your location.

Visit our exoskeleton guides with more than 160+ solutions and exciting tips.

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  1. Display suitable exoskeletons from more than 160 worldwide solutions with just a few clicks
  2. Save yourself tedious time for research. We have created a database for you with technical information, prices and practical application details. For example: With which solution can you drive forklift, sit and work even in the rain?
  3. Get a free consultation to create a clear expectation. Not only the purchase of suitable solutions is essential, but also the process of a four-week test and the long-term successful implementation by intrinsically motivated employees. 
  4. Everything from one source! Most manufacturers offer test weeks for EUR 3,000. However, you should test at least two to three solutions. This means triple the coordination effort, triple the costs and a lot of energy. Therefore, let us take care of this for you. One of our partners will present several solutions to you in just one appointment, train your employees and partially accompany the test on site. Ask for our offer now to save money as well as energy. 
  5. Independent and neutral: We test exoskeletons without economic conflicts. Therefore, we can very objectively and subjectively recommend exoskeletons for any benefit.

Note: Our exoskeleton configurator contains more than 160 exoskeletons from the industries: Medical, Industrial, Ski, Recreational and First Responders. Each exoskeleton has been integrated with more than 50 data in the algorithm. An AI / AI generates the appropriate questions. Therefore, it may occasionally happen that at the end of the selection a question is not useful, but also not inappropriate. The more users use the exoskeleton configurator, the better it becomes. Therefore, feel free to report any small bugs or send us your feedback. We also refer to our disclaimer . The collected data was researched independently and can therefore be susceptible to deviations despite the greatest care. We therefore causally recommend to discuss the list selected by the exoskeleton configurator with our team.

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