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"Because everyone has the right to walk. Because work should not lead to herniated discs."

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Founder & Managing Director

Orthexo was founded in 2022 by Tom Illauer. As head of marketing and advisor to the management at, as head of marketing at a nursing home provider with 60 locations, as advisor to two European exoskeleton manufacturers and as startup advisor to four startups in the nursing and medical supply industry, Tom not only knows the market, the manufacturers and all the solutions, but has spent years studying the needs of paraplegics, MS patients and people with mobility deficits and perceiving them in the home environment. In thousands of conversations with exoskeleton users from the U.S. and Europe, as well as his own testing of dozens of exoskeletons at trade shows or with healthcare providers, the idea for a comparison site on exoskeletons was born in 2018. When Illauer then took over as head of marketing as well as eCommerce for a medical supply store group (12 companies, 90 branches, 300 million euros in external sales), he was able to discuss his idea with physiotherapists in private conversations after work, discuss their solutions with exoskeleton manufacturers, and test almost all of the products on this site himself. Thus, the reviews and information are not based on theory, but on practical experience of the founder. How long does it really take to put on an exoskeleton? Can you cook with it? "Here, theory was not enough. We had to test everything ourselves." But to really execute the project, one more step is needed: manufacturer feedback. Through his experience, Tom took on consulting engagements with exoskeleton manufacturers, acting as a sparring partner, providing feedback and offering the opportunity to test. 

Tom has a degree in banking, business administration, investment banking, domain investor and broker, managing director of a marketing agency that has been active in the market for 72 years, author of three books, podcaster, due diligence marketing expert, holder of the Bafin license according to §25c para. 1 to accept the mandate as a board member of a credit institution and active as an advisor. His goals? He is looking forward to further mandates such as supervisory board, advisory board, consultant, board member or honorary professor. Here you can find further information on Linkedin or Twitter.

The personal goal of the founder: Support 100 animal shelters with 25,000 EUR each, as a memento of his dog "Mailo". All private profits will be refinanced in the future in the project "Animal Orthopedics Marketplace & Advisor. 

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Vision, Mission, Milestones is a play on words from orthoses and exoskeletons. We are pointedly positioned on these topics. Our supporters include orthopedic masters, therapists, the Fraunhofer Institute IPA, manufacturers and universities. The project is completely self-financed (bootstrapped). The cap table is currently not staffed with PE / VC or strategic investors. We do not have any business angels. If you are interested in a strategic investment, we are only interested if it exponentially increases customer value. Otherwise, we gratefully decline any amount from any investor and thank you for your interest in cooperation. 


We cannot reinvent the health insurance and health care system, but we can optimize the access to independent, transparent and complete information for the purpose of rational decision making of one's own health in such a way that in the future nobody will miss the chance to walk, stand or move the arm again due to missing knowledge... We are - Ratgeber für Neuroorthopädie und Exoskelette UG (haftungsbeschränkt). For us, these are self-evident human rights that must not fail due to bureaucracy or years of court cases with insurance companies. Technology is developing so exponentially fast that disabilities will play a subordinate role in the future, even so subordinate that many of these impairments will no longer be noticeable to a third party. Further, we believe that the job market will change so much that technology will take a leading role in the industry. We have the technology to strengthen worker health. The only thing missing so far is investment, study, and inflationary use of these robotic, full-body machines. For us, it's clear that exoskeletons will be available for purchase in every hardware store in ten years.

Roadmap from

Wednesday, August 31, 2022
Foundation of the company Ratgeber für Exoskelette und Neuro-Orthopädie UG (haftungsbeschränkt) with the notary public
Wednesday, August 31, 2022
September, 2022
Time to roll up the sleeves! In total, more than 3,500 hours were invested to finish the website. 500 hours for the product (website), thousands of hours of research, rewriting texts, identifying 167 solutions on the market, translating, summarizing, writing guidebooks and much more.
September, 2022
November 15, 2022
We did it! In order to achieve the vision of donations, to enable people to walk again and to save workers from back pain, we still need a business model. In cooperation with many manufacturers, we have integrated a fair business model, which makes the service still free for seekers to use
November 15, 2022
January 2023
Now the real action starts
On our "Become a Partner" page you can see our roadmap for the next years. From USA Launch, to the Interessenverband Deutscher Exoskelette, Orthexo becomes the market leader for the comparison of industrial and medical exoskeletons
January 2023

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Do you love making people's lives easier with the help of technology and giving people back the feeling of walking and mobility in the form of independence? Get in touch with us!


"My goal is to build a company the way I would have wanted it myself," says Tom. We demand a lot of performance, but give back all the more for it!



The five mantras:


  1. Employee satisfaction
  2. Customer satisfaction
  3. Growth
  4. Effectiveness / Efficiency
  5. Profitability

We only want the best of the best. That's why our selection process goes through seven steps. 


What awaits you in return?



  • 4 days week (Mon - Thu)
  • Hours per week Full time 35 
  • 35 days vacation for full-time
  • Mondays and Thursdays are home office
  • Summer party
  • Place and time freely selectable
    authoritative part of the decisions (advice & recommendation)
  • Office with table football
  • Free lunch (if PrepMyMeal is wanted).
  • Legendary Mario Cart races during the lunch break
  • Dogs, hamsters and co. allowed in the office
  • Filled fridge with juices, energy sugar free, fruit and much more.
  • Massage free of charge
  • Lunch together with the whole team
  • Beer and Learn monthly
  • Weekly Pizzatable with transparent company figures
  • Inclusion preferred
  • Woman First
  • Participate in profit through virtual shares from 10 years
  • State-of-the-art laptops and 3 screens 
  • 2 desks (home office & office)
  • Walking Pad (treadmill to collect steps at work)
  • Coffee for free
  • Continuing education budget € 1,000 p.a. 
  • Modern office chair
  • Salary fair, transparent and only according to experience (women and men earn the same)
  • Office music
  • Transparency in terms of "what we're working on" and the "numbers"
  • Feedback culture at eye level
  • Monthly Talks
  • Decide with further applications
  • Start your first day with a team breakfast
  • Deep Work Workspaces
  • 10 Finger Writing Course
  • Speech software for fast writing 
  • Parcels delivery service in office
  • Allowance for cleaning lady for home (100 EUR gross)
  • Core working hours 9 am - 3 pm, rest as you like
  • Christmas party with family and friends: You are part of
  • Participation in Charité actions throughout the team
  • Train ticket subsidy
  • Guaranteed free time on WE
  • Company library with entrepreneur books 
  • Coaching by founders 
  • Salary grows in line with sales and inflation at
  • Birthday and honeymoon vacation
  • Allowance for daycare after 5 years of employment with the company
  • Modern work cell phone wants to leave footprints.not only as a disrupter of the industry, but also as the most modern employer in Germany, with the highest employee satisfaction. 

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