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Experts for Prosthetic Orthotic Orthetics Exoskeletons Ortheses Amputation

Travel Agency for Prosthetic & Orthotic Treatments for international Patients

Orthexo mediates and accompanies international Patients in Prosthetic, Orthetics and Exoskeleton Care in Germany with German high-quality Products and best fitting Solutions.

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O&P Travel Solution Services for international Patients in Germany

Our specialties here are functional as well as cosmetic prothetic fittings and can be manufactured for everyday use as well as for professional business-working use.


Orthexo, as an O&P Travel Agency, offers prosthetic and orthotic fittings to international patients with disabilities from Europe, Dubai, Arabia, USA, India, Iraq, etc. in Germany with certified and specially audited medical supply stores (O&P Stores). The German location is a world leader and well known for the qualified fittings in the German healthcare system.


You have an amputation and want the best service worldwide? As an amputee, whether an arm amputation, hand amputation or leg amputation, it is difficult to evaluate the best provider. Orthexo works with the best O&P Stores in Germany, so that you not only get the best functional individual prosthesis, but also the cosmetic fitting tailored to you, too. 


Orthexo offers the first worldwide travel agency for prostheses and orthoses. More information on supplies, diagnoses and procedures can be found below. Contact us for a free consultation.

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Service in Germany with European Standards for international Patients


  • Prosthetic Replacement with high quality individual Prosthetics
  • Medical Exoskeletons (ReWalk, Keeogo, Indego, Ekso NR, Myosuit, etc.)
  • AI-based monoteral (single-leg) and whole-leg orthoses (C-Brace, MAK, etc.)
  • Fittings with the most modern Orthoses made of Carbon Springs
  • Myoelectric Arm Prostheses
  • Myoelectric Hand Prostheses
  • High-tech Hand and Arm Prostheses
  • Much more...


  • No Prepayment
  • German high quality Products in the german highclass Healthcare System
  • Accompanied Support from an Expert for Monitoring
  • Accompanying Person from your Side included
  • Including our Premium Support

Premium Support

  • VIP Shuttle Service for all Transportations between Airport, Hotel and Medical Supplier
  • Interpreter Service (optional)
  • Including accompanying Person of the Patient
  • Professional Personal Accompaniment by a Master Prosthetist with ISPO - Category 1 Professional Certification and thousands of successful Patient Fittings during all on-site Appointments in Germany
  • Booking of Hotels and Flights
  • Support with Visa Applications
  • Permanent Budget and Performance Control
  • Provision of Meals (Food and Beverages) on Treatment Days
  • Much more...

Supplies for the following Diagnoses



    • Hand amputation
    • Forearm amputation
    • Upper arm amputation
    • Foot amputation
    • Lower Leg Amputation
    • Above-knee amputation
    • Leg Amputations of any Kind
    • Hip and Pelvis Amputation

Neurological & other dDagnoses:


    • Complete Paraplegia
    • Incomplete Paraplegia
    • Poliomyelitis (polio)
    • Spasms
    • Diabetes
    • Stroke
    • Traumatic Brain Injury
    • Spinal cord Injury
    • Parkinson's disease
    • Multiple Sclerosis
      Parkinson's disease
    • Musculoskeletal Injury
    • Myositis
    • Muscular dystrophy

How the Medical Travel Agency for O&P Services works?

Virtual Meeting
Meeting & Introducing
Virtual Acquaintance (Consulting) and Review of all Diagnoses & Patient Care / Medcial History including modern Video Analysis and ai-Software
Virtual Meeting
3 Month before Staying in Germany
Presentation of certified Partner of Medical Supply Stores (O&P Provider) in Germany. After that we will show the whole Process of Staying in Germany. Mostly the Stay lasts one to two Weeks (depending on the Supply). We will show you the Cost Estimate and there is enough Time for answering your last Questions.
3 Month before Staying in Germany
2 Month before Staying in Germany
Booking Phase including Flight, Hotel, VIP Shuttle, Interpreter, Visa Application, Trial Appointment, Supply Appointment, Passport forming Appointment and more
2 Month before Staying in Germany
Day 1 - 2
Our VIP Shuttle will pick you and your Companion up at the Airport and take you to our Luxury Partner Hotel. On the second Day we will drive you to the Partner O&P Provider. Our Expert and Interpreter will accompany you during all Medical Services on site. Impressions will be taken, 3D Scans will be taken, potentially a gait Pattern will be created with AI in the Running Lab, Parts will be visually presented on the Screen and simulated. There is also the Opportunity to Ask any final Questions. Afterwards, we will drive you back to the Hotel. In the during Time the Solution will be created and designed.
Day 1 - 2
Day 7 - 12
Service Day
The Fitting Parts have been created. We bring you back to the Provider with an Interpreter, your Escort, in combination with our Expert and the fitting / wearing / trying will start. On these days the Solution is worn on site and tested with several Analyses. You will receive Training and Education on how to use it on site and at Home. Our Expert will check the Quality for you and give you honest Feedback. Final Adjustments are made.
Day 7 - 12
Day 13 - 14
Going Home
We will bring you back to the Airport and will check if all it fitting for you.
Day 13 - 14
Day 30
After Care
We have a Video Conference with our Expert and the Provider to review the Results and to make sure we have your Satisfaction
Day 30

This is "Why" we want to support Amputee with the best Solutions

Team & People behind the Company

Why Orthexo?

  • Our company seat as well as the imprint are in Germany
  • Provider liable under German Law
  • Payment is made only on site in Germany after the Preliminary Examination. You can pay on site in cash or also by credit card / EC card.
  • Overnight stay in your Room as well as shared Transfer. Make your Treatment stay a pleasant Trip by traveling with your Confidants
  • We are fully aware of the special needs and requirements that are placed on a Medical Trip. This is the Reason why we want to put together a Trip for you that is completely tailored to your special Needs, and here you should simply include your Partner or even Mother/Father/Friend. We will book the Flights for your Companion without Complications, and will simply include them in the individual Planning. You pay only the flight Costs, the rest of the costs will be covered by us
  • Guaranteed Assistants in your native Language - before, during and after Treatment (optional)

Orthexo Company

Orthexo started with Consulting medical Exoskeletons for hundrets of Patients. After some Times, more and more Patients from Dubai, Asia, USA and all over the Words asks us, if we would help them in the right prostethics fitting solution, too. Because one of the two Founders is an Orthopedic Master with German high Level Certificate and both Founders worked together many Years in germanies biggest Medical Supply Store (O&P), they started to use their Knowladge to support Patients worldwide with the best Health Care Services in Germany. 

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