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We are not looking for influencers, but exoflencers. Become a brand ambassador!

You are a therapist and want to become part of our network, where we support you in the care of patients and inform you about news? Then contact us!

You are a health insurance company and want to benefit from our platform? For example, by adding which requirements are necessary per health insurance company, which contact persons you can get in touch with? You only want cost estimates from patients that we have checked for you in advance, so that you can reduce your process costs?

Contact us!

Are you a specialist in medical law, health insurance law or social law? Then let us work together...

You are a journalist and need more information or you work at a university and are interested in a cooperation? 

You are Manufacturer of an exoskeleton, a myoelectric orthosis or another aid for neural fittings? Then contact us. As a partner, your logo will be integrated for the purpose of market penetration, we will place your solution in webinars and newsletters, add further information material and inform you about market companions.




We do not take a listing fee for manufacturers, as we want to position ourselves as a marketplace with a liquid supply and demand side. However, you have the possibility to provide us with additional content, to conduct live webinars with potential customers, to receive feedback from our customers and to benefit even more from the guide as a Sponsored Partner. Please contact us! Furthermore, we offer manufacturers to publish news with us. This makes the portal a contact point to get information about the topics also as a partner.


Premium Partner


Furthermore, manufacturers can apply to us as Premium Partners. This gives you advantages with the Market entry and the Possibility to place your product with competitors. Each product page contains a potential unlock button called "Show best alternative"which shows the best matching alternative from competitors. This way you can display your product as a suitable alternative. Also Premium Partners have the possibility to place themselves in our two newsletters B2B and B2C and to address their message to the right target group. 

"1,100,000 exoskeletons expected to be sold in 2025" (Statista, 2016)


Your advantages:


  • More high quality restorations
  • Inclusion in our industry newsletter
  • Webinar participation opportunity for employees
  • Reduce marketing costs
  • and much more

Why it is a good idea to cooperate with us:

Please feel free to visit our About page. There we will inform you about our fundraiser. We are fair and build something sustainable through technology so Amazon and other vendors can't get in. Therefore we have very fair prices, build on cooperations and make the cake bigger for everyone. Every participant strengthens the network and protects the industry from third parties.


You are a provider of medical aids and are interested in a cooperation?


Get in touch with us! With the consent and explicit approval of our customers, we refer them to suitable local care partners. In Germany, more than 27,000 patients search for our solutions every month. Alone 5,950 users are looking for online advice on the topic of exoskeleton fittings. It is interesting to note that these users primarily search for specific manufacturers, but nevertheless discover that the product they are looking for does not seem to be compatible with their own diagnosis, but that there are other manufacturer solutions about which we can then inform the customer and advise them in advance.


So we don't take business away from partners, we broker extra business!


In this way, you receive already enlightened new customers and can start directly with the supply. The average successful order value for our referrals is between € 25,000 and € 150,000.


The principle:

Since the medical supply store market is very fragmented, it would not be rational for a search engine to rank a single service provider at #1 for a product, since the search intent may come from all over Germany. We are the parent platform that will rank #1 and then distribute the queries to you by zip code and product portfolio.


We therefore provide independent, free and completely transparent advice to those seeking a quote. Furthermore, we want to become the first point of contact for exoskeletons and myoelectric orthoses, which is why we also offer an appeal service in the event of insurance company rejections.


Furthermore, we want to use the purchasing synergies and share purchasing discounts and commissions with you. This creates a WIN-WIN situation for all parties involved, because not only will you receive high-priced supplies in the future, but you will also participate in the total volume distributed via this platform.




To justify our price, attached are seven items that you potentially pay more per year for in your business than you do with us per placement...Sign up now!

  • Printer cartridges
  • Dish tabs
  • Smoke detector maintenance
  • Fines
  • Business cards
  • Account management fees
  • GEZ
The No.1 Media Portal for Industrial & Medical Exoskeletons

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