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Taska Handgen 2: Waterproof myoelectric hand prosthesis from Taska Prosthetics

The myoelectric TASKA Hand Manual is a robust, waterproof, even submersible prosthetic hand for users with a more active lifestyle. 

The three advantages:

  • Robustness
  • Waterproof
  • 20 Natural movement patterns

Functions and advantages

Everything you need to know about the features and benefits of the Taska Handgen 2: Waterproof myoelectric hand prosthesis from Taska Prosthetics need to know.

You can clean, shake hands at work again and even perform activities that require flexible fingers and wrist. The wrist can be separated. Dual release buttons make changing hands much easier and faster, improving grip security and preventing unwanted wrist separation. Compatibility with all industry-standard QD lamination cuffs, as well as the wrist rotation system, means you can start using the Taska QD right away. Thanks to coded, laterally compliant fingers and high-speed thumb rotation, the TASKA HandGen2 is waterproof beyond the wrist - without the need for a glove. The TASKA Hand offers users over 20 selectable grip patterns. The hand is available in two sizes and two wrist variations. The hand can be controlled either by muscle signals and / or a multifunction switch on the back of the hand.

Three pre-programmed grip patterns with three main grips can be pressed on a button on the back of the hand as standard. Five additional grips can be switched by pressing a key. The change of thumb position from opposition position to lateral position changes automatically depending on the grip pattern.

One can individualize the grip patterns to his needs through the own TASKA app. The TASKA hand is certified according to standard IP67. Cosmetic cladding of the hand is not available.

The Taska Hand App guarantees extreme ease of use.

The waterproof prosthetic hand protects the user from costly damage to the fingers. Due to the unique overload protection in the knuckles, the prosthesis prevents costly damage to the fingers.

 The core of this technology is based on the laminating cuff, because it is the key to a waterproof connection of the wrist.

TASKA is designed to provide EMG electrodes, pattern recognition systems and compatibility with all industry standard quick release grippers to give orthotists and users more options.


Fields of application of the Taska hand prosthesis:


  • Activities that require hands to be briefly wet or immersed in water
  • Wash hands
  • Washing dishes
  • Car wash
  • Walking in the rain
  • Use of a garden hose
  • Activities that involve vibration of the hand
  • Use of motorized garden equipment, e.g. lawn mowers,
  • Use of small or medium size power tools
  • Activities that place moderate strain on the hand, e.g.: light gardening, carrying a suitcase
  • Low-impact work in the workshop
  • low intensity sports activities

Thanks to the intuitive grip strength control, you can perform precise movements and pick up fragile objects safely and hold them in your hand.

TASKA hands are compatible with most sensors. The Taska Hand software is the leader in control.

These include:


COAPT Engineering

  • COAPT Complete Control Gen1 1
  • COAPT Complete Control Gen2 1

Infinite Biomed Technologies (IBT)

  • Element Electrodes
  • Morph / Morph 2
  • Sense 1

Motion Control

  • Triad Electrodes (3010754)
  • Touch Pads
  • Linear potentiometer


  • 13E200 / 13E202 Electrodes
  • 9X10 Touch Pads
  • 9X52 Linear control elements

Touch Bionics

  • PL0910X0 / PL09112X Electrodes

The TASKA hand with quick disconnect is compatible with several elbow systems. These include, among others:

  • College Park
  • Espire Elbow Pro 2
  • Motion Control
    • Utah Arm 3 / 3+ 2
    • Utah Arm Hybrid
  • Ottobock
    • Dynamic Arm (12K100N) / Dynamic Arm Plus (12K110N) 2, 3

Please contact your TASKA representative regarding the combination with a humeral prosthesis.

Please refer to third-party documentation for up-to-date information on the compatibility of their products.

The power supply system included with the prosthetic hand is recommended for use with the TASKA Hand. Supply it with a nominal voltage of 7.4 volts (Li-Po);


  • They are certified to the appropriate safety standards (IEC 62133: 2012 or IEC 60086-4) and UN38.3;

They do not allow hand function while the batteries are charging; * They can deliver a maximum instantaneous discharge current of up to 5 A to achieve full grip strength; * They have a capacity greater than 14 Wh. Please contact your TASKA representative regarding the correct settings for operating the TASKA Hand with a third party power supply system.

The power switch included with the TASKA Hand is compatible only with TASKA Prosthetics batteries.
Please refer to third-party documentation for up-to-date information on the compatibility of their products.

The TASKA quick disconnect hand is compatible with most industry standard quick disconnect (QD) wrists. These include, but are not limited to:


Motion Control

  • Forearm end cap
  • Coaxial connector (4/6-pin variants)


  • Laminating ring + connecting part
  • Coaxial connector (4-pole variant)


  • Coaxial connector (4/6-pin variants)

TASKA Prosthetics

  • QD laminating sleeve - (4/6-pole variants)

Please refer to third-party documentation for up-to-date information on the compatibility of their products.

The Low Profile Lamination Ring is the only wrist connector compatible with the Low Profile TASKA Hand (and is included with this hand).
The TASKA hand with quick disconnect is compatible with the following wrist systems:


Motion Control

  • MC - ProWrist Rotator
  • MC Standard Wrist Rotator


  • Electric Wrist Rotator

Please refer to third-party documentation for up-to-date information on the compatibility of their products.

The low-profile TASKA hand is not compatible with wrist rotators.

All TASKA hands are equipped with HydrosealTM technology to achieve IP67 waterproofing, so they can be immersed in water up to the buttons of the movable wrist.

In addition, with the following TASKA hands equipped with HydrosealTM technology in the wrist, the hand and wrist can be immersed in water up to the first opening in the prosthetic socket:

  • TASKA Hand with low profile (when using the supplied low profile lamination ring).
  • TASKA HandGen2 with quick disconnect when fitted with a sealing ring and connected to the appropriate wrist connector. Possible combinations include:
  • TASKA sealing ring -> TASKA laminating sleeve
  • MC Seal Ring -> Multi-stage motion control forearm end caps and wrists with drive (if purchased after 2019).

TASKA does not guarantee the watertightness of the wrist connection after insertion into the prosthetic socket. 

Technical data PARAMETER VALUE Operating voltage 7.4 V (nominal) Max. Current 5 A TASKA battery capacity 2000 mAh (2 x units of 44 mm x 80 mm x 7.5 mm) TASKA battery charging time 4 hours from 0 % TASKA battery weight 88,6 g Storage temperature (TASKA battery system) from -10 °C to +35 °C (14 °F to +95 °F) Operating temperature (TASKA battery system) from -10 °C to +60 °C (14 °F to +140 °F) Ambient temperature (hand) from -20 °C to +60 °C (-4 °F to +140 °F) User-resettable overload protection on fingers ≥ 2.5 Nm per finger Maximum finger speed Thumb: 63°/s Finger: 98°/s Thumb rotator: 180°/s Gripping force - 7 ¾-inch hand Thumb: 22.0 N Finger: 12.5 N Little finger: 6.7 N Gripping force - 8 ¼-inch hand Thumb: 22.0 N Finger: 12.5 N Little finger: 12.5 N Maximum opening 100 mm Wrist rotation Wrist with low profile 90° Wrist with quick disconnect unlimited Extension lock 15° Extension lock 25° Flexion lock Water resistance IP67 Total load capacity 20 kg Weight LP wrist (8 ¼-inch): 595g LP wrist (7 ¾ in.): 556g QD wrist (8 ¼ in.): 644 g QD wrist (7 ¾ in.): 605 g Sealing ring of wrist with quick release 6 g For all other technical data on the TASKA Hand, visit 

TASKA coaxial connectors and low-profile TASKA hands can be connected to sensors via standard 3-pin "half-moon" connectors.

Please refer to third-party documentation for up-to-date information on the compatibility of their products.


  • For ultimate resilience
  • Improved resilience results in lower maintenance and repair requirements
  • Waterproof and dustproof to IP67 standard, it is suitable in a wide range of environments
  • Waterproof
  • No need for vulnerable gloves
  • Wash both hands easily with soap and water for improved hygiene
  • Perform everyday tasks such as washing dishes, washing the car, etc.
  • Optional waterproof wrists
  • Secure hold
  • Grab a variety of objects with greater confidence
  • Locking button to prevent accidental movement
  • Grasp cutlery securely and cut food with ease
  • Versatile basic handles
  • Bendy fingers mean you can pinch objects between your fingers to do more with grips
  • Three standard handles, suitable for almost any task
  • Versatile grips mean fewer grip changes and allow you to get more out of a pattern recognition system
  • Powerful pattern recognition
  • Built-in movable wrist
  • Reach low, medium and high objects
  • Lockable flexion, extension and neutral positions
  • Built-in design reduces weight and overall height
  • Easy to use for bilateral amputee users
  • TASKA control system
  • User-friendly function keys on the back of the hand make it easy to change grip patterns without having to work with a complicated EMG control system
  • Combine the function keys and muscle signals to quickly access a variety of grips
  • Customizable to your individual needs
  • The mobile app always enables quick adjustments
  • Perfect for single or dual channel control
  • Resettable overload protection on the fingers
  • Unique in the TASKA hand
  • Resettable by the user in seconds
  • Prevents damage in case of accidents or when lifting heavy loads
  • Let go of the objects in case of emergency
  • Wrist options
  • Wrist with quick disconnect, industry standard, with disconnect button
  • Wrist with low profile (LP) for long residual limb restorations, complete with built-in passive wrist rotation

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

The TASKA Hand is not suitable for all sports, as they may cause damage to the hand or other people.

 It is suitable for many manual tasks, but for some tasks it may reach its limits.

You must contact your local authorities to make sure it is legal to operate a car or motorcycle in your country, state or city.

The standard battery lasts for a whole day for most people. We recommend charging the battery at night.

Yes, you can hand wash your TASKA.

Contact us.

Do you have any questions?

Can't find the answer to your question? Contact us.

For whom is the TASKA hand prosthesis suitable and for whom not?

In principle, the TASKA hand prosthesis is suitable for all patients with hand prostheses. Specifically, the TASKA is suitable for the following patient group:
Groups of persons with activities in which the hand is exposed to a large extent to vibrations, hard blows or the application of force, as well as activities involving light contact with wetness.

The following activities exceed the functions of TASKA Hand:

  • Use of tools with high impact force, such as hammers, impact wrenches, or hammer drills.
  • Work with heavy-duty machines, for example chain saws and reciprocating saws
  • Intentionally hitting the hand against hard surfaces
  • Weightlifting
  • High performance sport
  • Adventure or contact sports

Company information

Facts & Figures

Mat Jury is the inventor and product director who, as an engineer and inventor, broke both his arms in a mountain bike accident.

Company address

  • TASKA Prosthetics Germany
  • Radio Square 2
  • 80335 Munich

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