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Brain interface helps paralyzed man move robotic arms

Researchers:inside the U.S. Johns Hopkins University has succeeded in developing a robotic arm that paralyzed people can control. According to a report by Engadget a man with a paralyzed arm was able to independently move two robotic arms connected to his brain via an interface and even eat on his own again thanks to the new technology.

With his fists, the man performed minimal movements, which the robotic arms, equipped with a knife and fork, then implemented. Thanks to this technique, the man was able to eat a dessert on his own within 90 seconds, according to the university.

Robotic arms give paralyzed people new hope

At the core of this new method is a control system that minimizes the amount of mental input required to complete a task. The interface can virtually translate movement approaches of paralyzed persons and transmit them to the robot arms.

Unfortunately, this groundbreaking technology is still in its infancy. According to Engadget, the scientists are planning to enable the robotic arms to provide sensory feedback in the future. If this succeeds, the robotic arm will also "feel" touches with objects and will not need visual confirmation as to whether - to stay with the example of eating - the food is also picked up by the knife and fork.

Source: Brain interface helps paralyzed man move robotic arms ( (17.10.2022)

Tom Illauer

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