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Super Soldiers Race

The military in the USA, China or even Germany uses motorized external skeletons in logistics. Russia is said to have already tested them during the war.

Russian defense company Rostec is working on an armored exoskeleton that would cover a soldier's entire body and provide ballistic protection against fragments. Embedded in fourth-generation combat equipment, it could also significantly reduce soldiers' energy consumption. The new suit is designed to allow soldiers to hold loads of up to 20 kilograms in their hands for extended periods of time. With the help of the frame strapped to the body, even up to 60 kilograms can be carried. According to Rostec, the accuracy of automatic weapons is also increased.

An announcement to this effect about the motorized body armor was made by Rostec's deputy general director Vladimir Artyakov to RIA Novosti, also a state news agency, on the occasion of the Army-2022 forum. At the annual sales fair held in Moscow, the corporation had presented the system made of lightweight composite materials for "Soldiers of the future" already issued last year.

Outer skeleton for support

The technology refers to external skeletons, such as those commonly used by insects as support and protective structures. The suits developed with the help of biomechatronics are used in the civilian sector, primarily in logistics. Their joints can be passively supported or driven by electric motors. They are controlled by position and pressure sensors mounted on the feet of the frame, for example.

Source: Exoskeletons: Race of the super soldiers - (17.10.2022)

Tom Illauer

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