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A global exoskeleton directory for: rehab, assistive devices, military and industry 4.0

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The No.1 Media Portal for Industrial & Medical Exoskeletons

The No. 1 portal for industrial & medical exoskeletons

Industry 4.0

Here you will find an overview of all industrial exoskeletons, filtered and selected by industry, application, body region and budget.

Auxiliary means

Here you will find an overview of all exoskeleton assistive device solutions, supplemented by prerequisites and FAQ.


Here you can find an overview of all exoskeletons for skiing.


Here you will find an overview of all military exoskeletons, filtered by application, benefit and much more.

Comprehensive guides on the topics of exoskeletons & myoelectric prostheses

Exoskeletons guide

Here you will find all the information you need about exoskeletons: costs, requirements and more.

Myoelectric prostheses guide

Here you will find all information about myoelectric prostheses and neuroorthopedics.

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Here you will find an overview of all worldwide studies on the topic of exoskeletons as assistive devices and in the industry.


Here you will find our disclaimer. Please read this before a consultation and deal with it.

About us

Here you can find all relevant information about the team and about career, founder and foundation.


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Here you will find news from the industry as well as news from manufacturers.


Here you can find an overview of all future webinars to learn about exoskeletons.

Lawyer Service

Here you can find our partner attorneys to successfully file an appeal.

Ski exoskeletons

Here you can find an overview of all exoskeletons for skiing and snowboarding.

All manufacturer

Here you can find a list of all worldwide exoskeleton manufacturers including filter options.

Why you should recommend us...

  • We all know Manufacturer and all solutions on the market
  • We have the best contacts and support in negotiating purchasing conditions
  • We know all the questions and can answer any of them for you
  • We have the largest network of attorneys, manufacturers, service providers, intermediaries, health and safety associations and industry partners - just for you.
  • The service is free of charge for you as the end user!

Because you are important to us!

The No.1 Media Portal for Industrial & Medical Exoskeletons

In a non-binding telephone call, which is free of charge for you, we record your data such as diagnoses, indications, age, weight, etc., carry out a needs analysis, then check again in the background which solutions on the market, independent of manufacturers, have the highest probability of success for you individually, in order to achieve your personal goals, and then, if you wish, we will be happy to arrange offers or the appropriate contact for you.

If the requirements are actually met, the partner takes over the bureaucracy for you. Cost estimates are submitted to the insurance company and a doctor is involved. We know from experience that most applications from the insurance company are rejected because of the easy to mid-six-figure billing. Therefore, we also work with a network of health insurance lawyers who specialize in these cases. 

One thing is extremely important to us! We want to cooperate with patients, service providers, physicians, health insurance companies and manufacturers in a collegial manner. It is not our goal to provide care for everyone, but to enable patients who are entitled to the aid with all its prerequisites to run, walk and move again, and thus to be causally independent. And therefore we see ourselves as part of this health care system. However, we have specialized in the meta-level to provide all the information. 


With your explicit and prior consent, we will refer your contact to a local partner at your site from our network. This could be a clinic, a medical supply store, an orthopedic workshop, an orthopedist or a therapist. We know from experience that most service providers only specialize in a maximum of three manufacturers, so we filter this for you. This is followed by an on-site medical history and a trial of the system, usually in the presence of the manufacturer.


1. consultation by subject-specific experts
A needs analysis and a consultation with an expert take place on site. The expert examines the individual requirements and checks the prerequisites of the exoskeleton or prosthesis system against your situation. A fitting concept is then created, which serves as the basis for a cost offer to the health insurance company. Of course, you can also be a private payer.

2. modeling
First, a negative model is created with a plaster cast, alternatively on site with 3D scan or cast, depending on the system. The dimensions of the affected body region are determined and checked in the computer for accuracy of fit. A positive model is produced from these basic data, which is then used to manufacture a diagnostic socket.

3. fitting
The diagnostic socket is tried on by you and the fit is checked in the real usage situation for pressure points and support, among other things. It may be necessary to modify the solution again until everything fits to your utmost satisfaction.

4. tester testing
Now the real prosthesis construction by orthopedic technicians begins according to the individual factors such as posture and shape.

5. training
After a user training session, during which the final fit is checked, the training begins. Here, the patient is optimally prepared for using the aid in everyday life. Depending on the fitting, an individual training and exercise plan is developed and the results are recorded in a video documentation.
6. support
Control appointments are made in order to guarantee the highest form of satisfaction in the future. 

Of course, you can prepare for potential trials and practice exercises with your physical therapist:


  • Trunk strengthening 
  • Exercises to increase arm strength and basic endurance
  • Transfer exercises
  • Exercises to improve shoulder joint mobility
  • Forced standing e.g. in a standing stand
  • Stretching the hip flexor

Furthermore, we recommend the following preparatory measures:

  • Please bring your shoes, at best 1.5 sizes larger
  • Do not come on an empty stomach
  • Please empty your bladder beforehand, because the training stimulates the bladder function
  • Put on wide and comfortable pants
  • No training session with your physical therapist the day before so that the training does not lead to an overload situation

Our network - already more than 100 partners

orthexo map The No.1 Media Portal for Industrial & Medical Exoskeletons

This guide is about the most important thing we humans have: Our health. Whether at work or as an aid for personal use in everyday life, our aim is to provide you with all the information you need to make a rational decision in the interests of your health. To this end, we take care of the bureaucracy and deal with the product depth.

Our goals? Your independence and protection in everyday life

We want to make your customer experience better. For paraplegic patients, there is little information on which manufacturers offer potential solutions worldwide, or did you know that there are over 150 exoskeleton suppliers worldwide? There was no guidebook that sorts assistive devices by diagnosis and indication, rather than rehab and homecare. And even if a patient heard by chance about a manufacturer with a suitable solution, the solution often does not "match" the patient's individual diagnosis based on the conditions.

So we made it our business to connect patients, manufacturers and providers as a meta-search engine for exoskeletons and high-quality neural care. This way, patients are more informed, providers can focus on fittings, respectively on the exoskeletons of their preference and manufacturers can address patients directly via diagnosis finder.

Furthermore, we have dealt with the question of how a buyer of an exemplary automobile manufacturer with 120,000 employees should select the right exoskeleton for the industry. The manufacturers are unknown, the websites do not contain concrete information and how to make a decision? We de-bureaucratize the process for companies by making the selection based on your needs analysis, advising you free of charge, obtaining three quotes for compliance, and assisting you with pricing and contracting after physical testing at your site.

Your advantages: All exoskeleton - Manufacturer

Most service providers primarily supply one or two product solutions, as the training effort is relatively high. The manufacturers exclusively supply only their own product. We are the first meta-exoskeleton platform that curates all information and makes it available to you. Even well-trained medical supply store consultants do not know all solutions on the market. Therefore, until now, it took a lot of luck for you to hear about a solution and for a local healthcare provider to be able to advise you on it. Now you can inform yourself independently and get advice from experts.

Your advantages - Our network

There are more than 2,500 service providers in Germany, of which about 20 % can advise on one or two solutions, but unfortunately not more. We know which service providers are trained in which solutions and can therefore put you in touch with the right local partner. If the health insurance companies do not support your application, we will also be happy to put you in touch with a specialist lawyer for health insurance law.

Your advantages - satisfaction guarantee

Our highest goal is your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with a service of a partner, we will gladly arrange an alternative for you and inform the manufacturers about it. If you are not eligible for a solution, we will also communicate this to you honestly and transparently, while at the same time storing your data with us so that we can contact you in the future should the product portfolio on the market modify to your advantage and you wish to do so.