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Podcast on the topic of exoskeletons: Intelligent exoskeletons in logistics (Norma Steller, CPO, German Bionic) in the BVL Podcast

In today's episode of the BVL Podcast, we learn about intelligent Exos that are ideal for supporting manual tasks in logistics.

If your employees perform physically demanding work, for example in incoming goods, in the warehouse, in order picking, or at the packing table, then you should urgently address this issue. This can minimize overloads, injuries and absenteeism, and make manual work in logistics more pleasant.

The Augsburg-based company German Bionic has an interesting system on the market that is supported by artificial intelligence.

Norma Steller is Chief Product Officer at German Bionic and is our guest today.

Together with our host Boris Felgendreher, she talks about the following topics, among others:

  • History of exoskeletons
  • The technical developments that were necessary to make exoskeletons interesting for logistics as well.
  • How exoskeletons are adopted and accepted by workforces in logistics
  • How exactly the German Bionic system works and how it differs from other systems
  • Why AI can make exoskeletons better and how it works in practice
  • Typical use cases for exoskeleton systems in logistics
  • Which soft factors and hard factors determine the business case for exoskeletons
  • Tips for the implementation and introduction of exoskeleton systems.
  • and much more

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