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Exoskeleton BionicBack from HTrius

The BionicBack is a passive exoskeleton and serves as a body-mounted lifting aid.

Industry sectors

  • Picking
  • Mounting
  • Craft

Functions and advantages

Everything you need to know about the features and benefits of the Exoskeleton BionicBack from HTrius need to know.


To ensure that freedom of movement remains unrestricted, flexibility is the basis on which the BionicBack is built. Flexibility is not just a goal, but the basis on which the BionicBack is built. The exoskeleton back structure forms the narrow degree of flexibility and rigidity in one system. All other components are assembled on this basis.

Thus, flexibility runs through the entire system. The exoskeleton back structure has a guiding and supporting effect and helps the wearer find a favorable lifting position.

The BionicBack is a passive exoskeleton. This means that the product does not receive the supporting energy from electrical actuators (motors), but from mechanical energy storage devices.


When bending down, energy can be stored with the help of gravity by bringing an elastic element to tension. If the pre-bent position is held, part of the body weight, which actually has to support the muscles, is taken over. During straightening, part of the energy is then converted into movement and thus has a supporting effect in the movement.

Areas of application
  • Picking
  • In/out
  • Implement
  • Replenishment
  • Mounting
  • Sorting tables
  • Tape deposit
  • Plant equipment


Use the dynamic setting for an optimal workflow, during fast picking, transferring, deep bending and setting down. It's easy to increase the dynamic support. The strength is selected so that it supports but does not impede natural bending.


The stepless adjustment is part of the basic function. Combine both modes steplessly so that it feels comfortable. Best of all, everything can be adjusted anytime, anywhere.


Adjusting the BOOSTER increases the damping in the system. This gives you a whole new system character. Great for activities in which the user is statically bent forward. For example, conveyor belts, sorting tables or elevated storage positions.


With the BOOSTER, you can adapt the support even more individually to your work. Your task usually takes place at the same height? Then add the booster and adapt it to your work. If you work statically in the depth, you leave the BOOSTER a little longer, if you work half bent or leaned forward, the Booster can already relieve you if you bend only slightly forward. Your task, your attitude.

The BIONICBACK weighs less than a full 0.7l glass bottle of sports water.


The BionicBack has no electrical components and therefore does not need to be charged. It works with mechanical energy.

Technical details:
  • Dimensions: (LxWxH) 55 x 37 x 33 cm
  • Size: One Size (XS-XXL)
  • Color: black
  • Weight: 1.300 g

The HTrius Exoskeleton BionicBack is an industrial exoskeleton used as a lifting aid in industry. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and focuses on the upper body region, especially the back. The exoskeleton allows lifting, carrying and frontal movements. It weighs 1.28 kg, which provides comfort and freedom of movement for users. It is suitable for users with a height of 160 to 195 cm and can be used on machines such as forklifts and transporters. It also allows users to sit on a chair during use. The exoskeleton is oil, dust and water resistant and can be used in temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius. With a net price of 2800 euros, it offers a reliable solution for industrial use. Sales are made in Europe and there is no minimum purchase quantity. Maintenance is not required to maintain the functionality of the exoskeleton. It can be used for lifting up to a maximum weight of 20 kg. The manufacturer is headquartered in Germany and production also takes place there. The exoskeleton has a CE mark, but there is no instruction manual available. The manufacturer offers a test package that is available for 2 weeks at a price of 2000 euros.

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Company information

Facts & Figures

Founded by Dominik Heinzelmann and tested by ETH Zurich

Company address

  • hTRIUS GmbH
  • Fountain road 10
  • 72160 Horb
  • Germany
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