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Guardian XO full body exoskeleton for industry and military by Sarcos Robotics.

The Guardian XO full-body exoskeleton is the world's first battery-powered industrial robot that combines human intelligence, instinct and judgment with the strength, endurance and precision of machines.

Functions and advantages

Everything you need to know about the features and benefits of the Guardian XO full body exoskeleton for industry and military by Sarcos Robotics. need to know.


Designed to change the way work gets done, the Guardian XO industrial exoskeleton increases operator strength without restricting movement to increase productivity while dramatically reducing injuries. Born out of a fundamental need to make people more productive in a safe way, the Guardian XO full-body exoskeleton industrial robot is the perfect synergy of man and machine. It revolutionizes the way work gets done. Uniquely suited for safer, more productive use cases in manufacturing/assembly, construction, field service, and warehouse/logistics, the Guardian XO enables a single person to match the productivity of many while significantly reducing the risk of workplace accidents. The Guardian XO exoskeleton facilitates heavy-duty tasks, enabling the operator to safely lift and manipulate up to 200 pounds (90 kilograms) without fatigue or strain.

  • Powered full-body design reduces operator metabolic effort and physical strain by offloading 100% of the exoskeleton's weight during use.


  • The robotic suit amplifies operator force by up to 20 times (with a maximum payload of up to 200 lb) and can also provide smoother lifting motion by dynamically compensating for gravity and inertia (for up to 100 lb per arm or 50 lb per arm when lifting at full extension).


  • Addresses the "lifting gap" from 15 kg to 90 kg (35 lb ~ 200 lb) in a wide range of industrial processes.
Battery powered for mobile performance and uninterrupted use:
  • Integrated power source provides near continuous operation with hot-swappable batteries


  • Hot-swappable battery design extends uptime and flexibility


  • XO ® Pod docking station facilitates battery charging and easy docking and configurations for transport/shipping


  • Supports modular and user selectable end effectors
Advanced control systems for improved maneuverability and mobility:
  • Get-out-of-the-way control system uses robot-integrated sensors to eliminate latency and detect operator movement within milliseconds


  • 24 degrees of freedom (DOFs) allow operators to move freely and naturally in unstructured environments where larger machines do not have access


  • Equipped with a user-friendly Operator Control Interface (OCI) for user controls and display of diagnostic notifications


  • "Freehand" mode allows the operator to lock the arms of the suit while performing dexterous tasks requiring human hands while carrying a heavy load
Ergonomic, safety-oriented features for operator comfort and injury prevention:
  • In the event of a sudden power failure, redundant hardware and software limitations enable "passive braking" to prevent operator injury


  • The robotic suit can be donned and doffed unassisted in less than 30 seconds, with additional provisions for sudden egress


  • Can accommodate additional, customized protective equipment; additionally equipped with lifting loop for docking and attaching a fall protection device (FPD)

The Guardian® XO® is an advanced full-body exoskeleton powered by batteries. Its primary function is to enable users to perform heavy tasks effortlessly by lifting and handling up to 200 pounds (90 kilograms) without feeling fatigue or strain. This exoskeleton is designed to make physically demanding work much easier, reduce the risk of injury and increase productivity. With the Guardian® XO®, users can perform tasks that would normally be too difficult or strenuous while feeling less tired and more energetic.

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Company information

Facts & Figures

  • The company has received a contract with the US Army in the amount of one million USD
  • The company employs more than 277 people, has won more than 20 awards and generates several million USD in sales per year.
  • The company is a leader in robotics and also develops robots for the sea, for diving or for the ground.
  • The Guardian XO will be commercially produced from H2 in 2023
  • Sarcos Technology and Robotics Corporation has received a total of $ 316.1 million in 6 rounds of financing. The latest financing was raised on September 27, 2021 in a post-IPO equity round.
    Sarcos Technology and Robotics Corporation is registered under the ticker NASDAQ:STRC.

Company address

  • Sarcos Technology and Robotics Corporation
  • 360 Wakara Way
  • Salt Lake City
  • UT
  • 84108

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