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Exyone Back from Exy Exoesqueletos Industriais

Exyone Back was developed in 2020 in collaboration with SENAI / SESI. This industrial exoskeleton to protect the lower back was developed for situations where the worker needs trunk flexion to perform the operation.

Functions and advantages

Everything you need to know about the features and benefits of the Exyone Back from Exy Exoesqueletos Industriais need to know.


It is an exoskeleton for the upper limbs that reduces the load on the arms and shoulders by 8 kg and supports them at a certain height and angle. The proposal aims to reduce muscle fatigue and provide greater comfort to workers to reduce the risk of accidents. The device is designed without batteries or motors to be one of the lightest on the market (2.5 kg).


In quality tests conducted by SESI, the device has been able to reduce the load on the lower back by 40 %, mainly in activities that require picking up / moving more than 14 kilos from the floor. The application has been proven in areas such as logistics, foundries and all types of industries in general that have a production step with floor level operations and that require positional strength forces in the lumbar region. Exy One backs reduce worker fatigue and provide comfort, in addition, the equipment reduces the risk of RSI / DORT accidents.




Designed to ensure greater safety for the user, with quick release systems in all parts attached to the body.




Devices weighing 4 kg or more and without batteries or electricity.




Interchangeable parts with user contact for cleaning/replacement (allows the same equipment to be used by different operators). How to use The operator himself places and removes the equipment without assistance in up to 20 seconds.

  • S or M/L equipment is used for a wider range of users in the manufacturing and supply chain process.
  • Brazilian design and manufacture to reduce purchase and maintenance costs (12 months warranty);
  • Mechanical equipment that does not require batteries or electricity and is available around the clock (multi-shift operation);
  • Weight from 4 kg, with option for flame protection for use in welding (resistant to molten metals);
  • 4-stage force regulation for better adaptation to the activity/user;
  • Trunk freedom movement (rotation) and legs, squatting, sitting and so on;
  • Developed based on biomechanics and scientifically proven through electromyography testing by SESI;
  • Networked version to provide information on equipment usage (hour meter), maintenance, as well as user information such as operating hours, tilt angle of the upper body, etc.

The Exy ONE from Exy is a passive exoskeleton designed specifically for arms, shoulders and back. It is already finding its first customers in the automotive, metal mechanics, civil engineering and logistics sectors in Brazil. The main objective of this exoskeleton is to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries, similar to many other industrial exoskeletons. It is important to note that this ergonomic device is not intended to increase the maximum weight for which a worker is responsible.


The Exy ONE represents the second generation of these devices and is based on user feedback and studies. In 2020, it even received two design awards. The weight of this wearable varies between 3.55 kg (7.8 lb) and 4.3 kg (9.5 lb), depending on the design. It features an unusual linkage structure that extends from the shoulders behind the back and then connects to the upper arm.


It dons and undresses in less than 30 seconds and is available in two models: one for smaller workers and one for larger workers. Both models can be set at four different support levels, with the maximum support level being 17.6 lb (8 kg) per arm. Durability testing has shown that the Exy ONE units are capable of 600,000 cycles, highlighting their longevity.


The Exyone Back from Exy Exoesqueletos Industriais is an industrial exoskeleton designed specifically for the upper body, especially the back. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and can be used in various sectors such as industry, crafts, assembly, logistics and agriculture.


Weighing only 4.00 kg, this exoskeleton is lightweight yet provides effective support for lifting and carrying loads. It does not require electricity as it is not electrically powered. The Exyone Back adapts to users with a height of 150 to 190 cm and can be used on machines. It also allows driving forklifts and vans, as well as sitting on a chair.


The exoskeleton is water and dust repellent, which supports its usability in various environments and conditions. It can be used in temperatures of up to 40 degrees. With an attractive retail price of 800 EUR net, it is a cost-effective solution for businesses. It is sold in South America and Europe and requires a minimum purchase of 4 pieces.


The Exyone Back requires no regular maintenance and can support a maximum weight of 18 kg when lifting. The manufacturer is headquartered in Brazil and production also takes place there. There is no FDA approval and the exoskeleton is not CE marked. However, an instruction manual is available to help users use it correctly. There are no test packages from the manufacturer, but the exoskeleton comes with a one-year warranty.

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Company information

Facts & Figures

Exy is a startup founded in 2018 in Curitiba, Paraná state, Brazil. Exy is the market leader in Brazil and has customers such as ThyssenKrupp and Honda.

Company address

  • Exy Exoesqueletos industriais
  • Rua Senador Accioly Filho, 298
  • Cidade Industrial de Curitiba

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