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Care Exo Lift from Hunic for the care industry

CareExo Lift is a passive exoskeleton for the care sector and can be cleaned particularly quickly.

Industry sectors

  • Elderly care
  • Intensive care

Functions and advantages

Everything you need to know about the features and benefits of the Care Exo Lift from Hunic for the care industry need to know.

The Care Exo Lift is extremely lightweight yet effective. It is a body-mounted lifting and carrying aid, which is specially modified for use in the care sector. In collaboration with physical therapists, sports scientists, designers, and those with concerns, a system was created to assist caregivers in lifting and mobilizing individuals up to 21% and to promote ergonomic movement. However, the support of an exoskeleton does not guarantee ergonomic performance of the activity. The CareExo Lift's patented back system guides the caregiver into an upright posture. During lifting movements, there is a subtle sensitization to an upright spine that is as straight as possible. Grab handles allow patients to hold on for stabilization and support when needed. The sheathing of the CareExo Lift handles can be replaced in seconds. Cleaning and disinfection are easy to perform and make compliance with hygiene rules straightforward. The Care Exo is available in one size.

  • Enables effective kinesthetic work
  • Relieves the back & protects the posture
  • Reduces absences due to illness
  • Actively involves patients

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Care Exo Lift Test Report

The Care Exo Lift from Hunic is pointedly positioned for use in care. We tested the solution on 5/13/2023. The exoskeleton arrives in an incredibly well-designed backpack. This is air-permeable, extremely lightweight, customizable, and so far has the best transport option of all the exoskeletons tested. The exoskeleton has two grab handles that patients can hold onto when lifting themselves out of a bed or wheelchair. This idea is extremely smart and works flawlessly. You can tell that the exoskeleton provides extremely good support when you lean forward slightly. So it's not for lifting heavy goods from a squatting position like other exoskeletons, but for lifting in a bent-forward position. Nursing staff often wear a coat to store the ward telephone and all keys in it. This would also be possible here, although the trouser pockets would probably have to remain empty. Sitting is absolutely no problem, so the nursing specialist can do the documentation without undressing and disturbing.

Company information

Facts & Figures

The tech startup Hunic was founded in 2017 by Jonas Mast in Baiersbronn and funded in a Companisto crowdfunding. In 2022, the team launched a renewed funding goal of EUR 300,000 on According to Hunic, the company's revenue has tripled since 2019 and is aiming for revenue growth of EUR one million in 2022.

Company address

  • HUNIC Ltd.
  • Bergerweg 51
  • 72270 Baiersbronn
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