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Free Walk from Free Bionics

FREE Walk is designed for people with weakness in the lower limbs. Users can put on and take off the device by themselves. FREE Walk helps users to walk again with a stronger posture. Can be used for rehab as well as everyday life.

  • 2 hours battery life
  • In the crutches is the controller
  • Legs can be opened up to 90 degrees

Functions and advantages

Everything you need to know about the features and benefits of the Free Walk from Free Bionics need to know.

  • Std Battery Life 2 km/h Movement Speed
  • max 100 kg
  • 20 kg device weight
  • 3 -5 degrees degree of inclination
  • 150 to 190 cm Applicable height
  • The legs can be opened up to 90 degrees
  • Design prevents sagging of the ankle weight inclination design
  • In the crutches are the controllers

User friendly design


Mimic the most natural human gait. Custom fit for the user, significantly reducing the risk of pressure ulcers and injuries.


Intelligent control


Respond to the user's intention to move or stop. Provide clear information for users and certified specialists to understand the status of user training.


easy to walk


Customized luggage for robot transportation.Customization for the new user can be done within 5 minutes. Only 2 wrenches are needed for the whole process.

  • FREE Walk is a user-friendly exoskeleton designed specifically for people with lower limb weakness. The device features easy donning and doffing and helps users walk with improved posture and mimic the natural human gait. The customization of the exoskeleton significantly reduces the risk of pressure points and injuries. Additionally, the device features intelligent controls that respond to the user's movements and intentions. It provides clear information to both the user and certified professionals to enable effective training.
  • The exoskeleton has a battery life of 2 hours and a driving speed of 2 km/h. It can bear a maximum load of 100 kg and weighs 20 kg itself. The device is suitable for a degree of inclination of 3-5 degrees. It can be used by people with a height of 150-190 cm.
  • The Free Walk exoskeleton from Free Bionics is a medical device designed for everyday life and rehabilitation that can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • It supports both the upper and lower body regions, including the back, legs and trunk, and allows for movements such as standing and walking.
  • The exoskeleton has a power supply and uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide the user with improved mobility.
  • It weighs 20 kg and is suitable for users with a height of 150 to 190 cm. The Free Walk exoskeleton is available in Europe, Asia, the USA and South America.
  • It requires regular maintenance and is not oil, dust or water resistant. The maximum temperature of use is 40 degrees.
  • The Free Walk exoskeleton is offered at a retail price of 80,000 euros for personal use and 110,000 euros for mobile rehabilitation.
  • The manufacturer is headquartered in Taiwan and production also takes place there. The exoskeleton has a CE marking, but no FDA approval.
  • No instruction manual is provided, but a trial package is offered by the manufacturer. A one-year warranty is provided, and although there is no assistive device number, the exoskeleton can be used by individuals with incomplete and complete paraplegia without requiring residual muscle function.
  • The exoskeleton supports both legs and enables stair climbing in the Japanese version. However, it has not been tested by Orthexo.
  • The battery charging time is 4 hours, and the battery durability is 2 hours per battery (4 hours in total).The exoskeleton is suitable for users weighing up to 100 kg.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Basic strength of the upper limbs is required when using FREE Walk. The crutches had to be held to keep the body balanced. Other physical factors such as bone density or more detailed physiological conditions please contact FREE Bionics for advice. FREE Bionics has a team of professional physical therapists. We can assist you in evaluating the use of FREE Walk and provide you with a wonderful fitting experience.

Just as driving a car requires a driver's license, using robots is the same. It takes time to become familiar with the robot's user interface. Generally, after 20 hours of basic training, a certain level of proficiency should be achieved. The FREE training center and the Bionicis cooperative medical center offer training. Please contact us for more details.

FREE Walk has been designed with several safety measures to prevent users from falling. Therefore, if the user falls, FREE Walk reacts in time. Users return to the upright position. Meanwhile, there are training courses to teach users how to act in emergency situations, among other things. When the accident happened, the first thing is to confirm the safety of the environment. You can undo the belts by yourself, and then return to the wheelchair with or without assistance. It is recommended to perform the inspection afterwards to determine if there is any injury.

Do you have any questions?

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For whom is the Free Walk suitable?

FREE Walk is designed for people with weakness in the lower limbs. Users can put on and take off independently.

  • Medical Human
  • Patient with spinal cord injury
  • Stroke patient

Company information

Facts & Figures

FREE Bionics' journey began with the first team of scientists at ITRI Taiwan (Industrial Technology Research Institute, the national leading institute developing robotics technology). After overcoming obstacles and challenges, the team spun off from ITRI in 2017 with the 2016 R&D 100 Award. It is the first independent company in Taiwan to develop powered exoskeletons, exosuits and bionic technology products. The company primarily operates in Taiwan and Japan, but has distributors in Italy, Greece and Poland, among other countries.

Company address

  • FREE Bionics Taiwan Inc.
  • Rm. 2, 9F.
  • No. 89, Dongmei Rd.
  • East Dist, Hsinchu City 300043,
  • Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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