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Invisible ski aid ski exoskeleton from Ski Mojo

Ski -Mojo exoskeleton is suitable for skiing, but also for snowboarding. Costs start from: 640 €. The Ski-Mojo, the first exoskeleton for mountain sports, is designed specifically for skiing and snowboarding. It is a piece of equipment designed to enhance your performance while protecting your lower limbs and joints. The only decision you need to make is to choose the appropriate spring strength for your weight: the Ski Mojo GOLD is suitable for skiers weighing between 75 and 130 kg;.

Your advantages:

  • Invisible
  • Reduced risk of injury
  • Shortened regeneration time
Ski mojo silver side

Functions and advantages

Everything you need to know about the features and benefits of the Invisible ski aid ski exoskeleton from Ski Mojo need to know.

Structure & Function

The manufacturer promises that this product called Ski Mojo improves performance and enjoyment tenfold, as well as increases safety while skiing. The resulting endurance and strength delay fatigue strong enough to 100% sport and get the maximum benefit from the pleasure of skiing every day.

With the Ski Mojo you experience even more precise turns, because the edges grip better. Because of the lightness and comfort it offers, you can also concentrate fully on your skiing pleasure - so you ski longer and more safely. More than 92% of all winter sports enthusiasts who have already tried Ski Mojo confirm our claim: they were impressed by the feeling of lightness as well as the additional comfort.


Ski Mojo is a powerful and adjustable compression spring mechanism that can support 1/3 of the body weight. When the skier bends his knees, the springs are compressed and store energy. This stored energy is returned when the skier straightens back up. The springs also ensure that shocks to the knees, hips and back are minimized. With Ski Mojo, the effort and load on the thigh muscles change significantly.


The quadriceps are unloaded by 30% and the hamstrings have to work a little harder to compress the springs. This change in thigh work has the effect of preserving the cruciate ligaments and cartilage. The production of lactic acid, which makes muscles ineffective, is delayed and limited. The risk of fatigue-related accidents is thus reduced.


The Ski Mojo price starts at 640 €. If you want to buy the Ski Mojo, contact us, because it is possible to rent or buy directly. On third party platforms the Ski Mojo used is also offered. As Ski Mojo alternative we recommend the Againer. 



Reduces pain and reduces pressure on the knees



Quadruple your skiing time or ski with more energy throughout your stay



Neither your legs nor knees will hold you back to absorb slope bumps



Improve control over your ski track and focus on your technique

  • Carefree skiing fun after injuries with the Ski~Mojo exoskeleton
  • Every year, more than 23,000 winter sports enthusiasts are so seriously injured on Austrian ski slopes that they have to be treated in hospital, with knee injuries being particularly common. In order to be able to ski again without hesitation after knee injuries and operations, scientists have developed the intelligent exoskeleton Ski~Mojo. The innovative system supports the natural movement of the legs and relieves the thigh muscles, reduces pressure on the knees and provides support for the hips and back. In addition, the splints can absorb shock while riding and help reduce muscle fatigue. This allows for pain-free, longer and more intense skiing.
  • The Ski~Mojo exoskeleton can support one third of the body weight and increase strength and endurance by one third. It is appreciated worldwide by winter sports enthusiasts who want to improve their technique, extend their ski day, reduce shock and eliminate pain. The system is based on a compression spring mechanism that stores kinetic energy and releases it when the knees are extended to support the natural movement of the knee. This reduces the load on the anterior thigh muscles by 35-40 percent.
  • Experts call the Ski~Mojo exoskeleton a "real revolution" and emphasize that it can reduce the load on the lower limbs while skiing. Users report noticeable support for the anterior muscles, less strain on the quadriceps and a feeling as if they weigh 20 kg less. The device allows for longer exercise and gradually strengthens the legs in a gentler way.
  • The Ski~Mojo exoskeleton consists of adjustable mechanical rails with steel springs, which are in a neoprene sleeve. It is attached with straps to the buttocks, legs and the back of the ski boots and can be easily turned on and off. The system is suitable not only for skiing, but also for snowboarding, telemarking and mountain hiking. It has been successfully used by more than 15,000 people across Europe and has significantly reduced pain in over 90 % of respondents with knee joint pain.
  • The Ski~Mojo exoskeleton was developed over ten years ago by a group around the English engineer Owen Eastwood and has been distributed by Jean-Marc Glaude of JaKSports SAS since 2014. After being available only in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy so far, it is now also being introduced in Austria.
  • The net selling price of the Ski Exoskeleton is 60 EUR per day or 700 for the package.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

I have problems with cruciate ligaments, osteoarthritis, wear of the knee joint. Can the Ski Mojo help me ?

With the right settings, the Ski Mojo can reduce the force applied to your knees by up to 33%. This means that you can completely or at least significantly eliminate the pain you are used to. In addition, with the increased pressure on your ski, you will have better control over your track, ensuring less risk of injury in the future.
The Ski Mojo also acts as a shock absorber and absorbs shocks and vibration from the ski slope. The joints

I suffer from back/hip problems. Is the Ski Mojo suitable for me?

Skiing causes the whole body to vibrate. The Ski Mojo reduces these vibrations and the stresses they cause to the back and hips, like a shock absorber, as it simultaneously restores the ideal position for skiing.

I have no physical problems and I am already very athletic. What does Ski Mojo do for me?

With the Ski Mojo, you've probably convinced yourself that there are many skiers who have no health problems. They use the Ski Mojo to improve their performance (and especially their muscular endurance) during long days of skiing. It allows you to maintain optimal technique and turn position even after countless runs, allowing you to enjoy skiing longer. The Ski Mojo is also used by some athletes in training to correct certain technical errors.

Will Ski Mojo change my skiing style?

Ski Mojo is the perfect solution for those who are looking for a proprioceptive effect. Thanks to the harness, it helps you regain ideal posture and also improves the grip of the skis. The positive effects of Ski-Mojo have already been confirmed by numerous skiers, including our professional experts (ski instructors, piste searchers). In the first half hour you may still feel a little uncomfortable - but this changes at the latest after making turns!

If you are used to lifting your ski only for turning, you may feel a little uncomfortable with the Mojo for the first half hour. That's because the Ski Mojo pushes your skis to the ground, giving you more support. It also reduces fatigue - so you can concentrate better on your skiing and feel more confident skiing for longer.

Can the Ski Mojo hurt me if I fall?

The Ski Mojo provides excellent protection in the event of a sideways fall and often reduces the severity of the impact. However, if you are unfortunate enough to fall on the raised part of the upper telescopic pole, you may well bruise - just as you would if you fell directly on keys in your pocket. However, thanks to the thickness of the neoprene material, the effects are significantly mitigated; it is also possible to add extra layers of padding or protection.

How long does it take to put on the Ski Mojo ?

It only takes a few minutes to adjust and put on Ski Mojo. In daily use, you only need a minute to put it on before putting on your pants and shoes. Simply attach the Ski Mojo to your shoes!

How many users wear the Ski Mojo?

The Ski Mojo is a device based on compression spring technology. The kinetic energy stored during knee flexion is released during stretching by relaxing the springs. To maintain flexibility and mobility, the spring force should be set to support 1/3 of the body weight.

The whole joint system is connected to the shoe cover and a comfortable seat belt. To keep it in position, the system is inserted into a neoprene sheath. Since the main purpose is not to support the knee laterally, the neoprene should not be too tight. It adapts to the shape of the body of each person(hip circumference, shin length and thigh length).

This equipment has already been adopted by 11,000 people in Europe and by more than 500 professionals (ski instructors, mountain guides, piste rescuers) or former top athletes.

How long does it take to get used to Ski~Mojo?

When you use the Ski Mojo, your legs become 15 to 30 kg lighter. This can lead to a faster acclimatization phase, which usually only lasts for two runs. We therefore recommend that you try it out on longer runs. The first run will seem strange at first, but by the end of the day you will feel better.

Are there different sizes?

The Ski Mojo is the perfect choice for all sizes and shapes. The telescopic poles adjust to the length of the shins and thighs, while the harness and the neoprene sheath have adjustable Velcro straps. The only choice you have to make when buying is the compression force of the spring. There are two springs - Silver for person from 55 to 85kg and Gold for person75 to 123kg - but also a special spring for person under 55kg is available in our store.

Yes. If you have been prescribed an orthotic or knee brace by your doctor (for knee weakness), it is important to wear it. The Ski Mojo will be placed over it and reduce the pressure on the knees, which should greatly relieve the pain and preserve the cartilage.

Do I need special ski (or snowboard) boots?

The Ski Mojo adapts easily to almost any ski boot or ski touring boot. It is easily attached to the boot using the "boot connectors" and is ready for immediate use. The Ski Mojo is supplied including two pairs of connectors:
Temporary connectors: These attach easily to the top of the boot shell - no other tools included. They are primarily used to try out the Ski Mojo. End Connectors: These are usually installed by the vendor. Snowboarders need special connectors, which are available on our website or from most of our dealers.

What does the Ski Mojo weigh?

The total weight of the kit (including backpack) is only 1.6 kg. But just like the battery of an electric bike, which allows you to go faster and further, the Ski Mojo gives you a feeling of lightness because it takes up one third of your own weight. You will therefore feel much lighter when skiing - as if you were flying!

Should I wear the Ski Mojo over or under my ski pants?

You have two options:


The vast majority of users wear their Ski Mojo completely invisibly under their ski pants - loose-fitting pants are no problem here. The others choose the option of wearing the system clearly visible above their pants. Be careful, though: this can involve certain risks. For example, the system can be deactivated during a descent if you accidentally touch the activation button, or there is also the risk of your harness getting tangled in the chairlift, causing exit problems. If snow enters the mechanism and compacts and/or freezes, there is a high risk that the system will be damaged.

How to go to the toilet with it?

If necessary, remove the harness and disconnect the upper bars. Then lower the harness. When you are finished, perform the reverse procedure to put the Ski Mojo back on.

How can I ride the chairlift or sit down?

The Ski Mojo is easily deactivated and it is recommended NOT to ski or run with only one side activated. We recommend that you deactivate the Ski Mojo BEFORE you remove your skis. When the Ski Mojo is deactivated, you can sit down, drive or take a chairlift normally.

Do you have any questions?

Can't find the answer to your question? Contact us.

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Facts & Figures

Ski Mojo is already used by more than 110,000 users worldwide.

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  • France

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