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Feeling leg prosthesis: Saphenus-Med therapy concept for the reduction of phantom limb pain

Saphenus has developed a therapy concept that enables people with leg and foot amputations to make their phantom pain disappear

Your concrete advantages:

  • Reduction phantom limb pain
  • Finally feel again
  • Can be retrofitted with any prosthesis
Saphenous training

Functions and advantages

Everything you need to know about the features and benefits of the Feeling leg prosthesis: Saphenus-Med therapy concept for the reduction of phantom limb pain need to know.


Technical innovation

The system makes leg prosthesis sentient and increases safety when walking.

How does the sentient prosthesis work?

Suralis is a patented feedback system that can be used to retrofit any existing prosthesis, regardless of manufacturer. E

The special feature is that the prosthesis can feel.



  • A sensor inner shoe that records the rolling movements during walking
  • A radio transmission that transmits this movement and relays the rolling movement to the amputation stump
  • The actuator unit then passes this information of the rolling motion to the nerves
  • This information is then passed on to the skin areas, which previously leads to the recording of the roll-off information
  • This is prepared surgically

This non-invasive information transfer is perceived by the brain as information of the lost foot. So one represents this information artificially.


The result:

Phantom limb pain decreases or can be completely eliminated.


Further advantage:

Through authentic feeling, the different nature of the ground is recognized. The result: the gait becomes safer.

"The intelligent sensor systems for the Suralis product were co-developed by IEE, one of the world's leading automotive suppliers. Saphenus is a member of the Common Good Economy (, the business orientation is based on stakeholder-oriented sustainable operations. The development of Suralis(a prosthetic add-on) was funded by Accent, AWS, FFG and the EU funding instrument "Horizon 2020″."


The therapy concept consists of four parts:



They receive a comprehensive picture of their pain situation and the roadmap for therapy using the Suralis sensory feedback system. This can also be done digitally or virtually at Corona.

  • Assessment of the prosthetic restoration
  • Assessment of the pain situation
  • Preparation of a pain test
  • Decision for 4-phase therapy
  • Digital: Video conversation with the doctor


Surgical procedure

Before the operation

  • Examinations and indication for surgery
  • Gait analysis, quality of prosthetic fitting, walking performance
  • Physiotherapy focus pain and individual problems (joint mobility, muscle weakness).




Neuroremoval or selective nerve transfer in the R&D Lab Saphenus.

After surgery: physiotherapy with focus on enrollment, information about function and mode of action of the sensory feedback system.




  • Compression therapy
  • "Feeling the walk"
  • Home Training
  • Video Coaching
  • Prosthesis fitting by orthopedic technician at home location


Sensory feedback phase


  • Gait training, gait training, "feel walking again".
  • Gait analysis, quality of prosthetic fitting, walking performance
  • Aftercare - Service Saphenus

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Does the health insurance cover the cost of the system?

It is advisable to conduct an initial consultation with a pain test in advance to determine whether the medical indication is in Germany or Austria. In this case, some health insurance companies already cover the costs. In Germany and Austria, some health insurance companies already cover the costs if the medical indication is clear. We strongly advise you to have an initial consultation with a pain test in advance to determine the exact indication.

Suralis is applicable to both lower leg and transfemoral amputation sufferers. Suralis is an add-on that can be adapted to a wide range of prostheses.

The Suralis system is suitable for people with transtibial and transfemoral amputations.

A patented sensor sock records the rolling motion during walking and transmits this information to a set of vibrotactile actuators that are applied to the patient's residual limb. In this way, the user receives regular sensory transmission of the information from the prosthetic foot as he or she walks. This patented sensor sock transmits rolling motion information to vibrotactile actuators on the residual limb. The prosthesis wearer thus receives regular sensory feedback on the foot of the prosthetic foot.

The sensor sock as part of Suralis comes in different sizes and can be put over foot cosmetics.

Yes, you can. You can use the system in any everyday activities.

Suralis is an approved medical device.

By means of a simple on/off button the system is switched on.

We recommend daily overnight charging.

The system is splash-proof.

Vibrotactile motors are motors that generate vibrations and non-invasively transmit sensory information to the skin.

If adequate prosthetic care is not otherwise possible, surgery will be necessary in close consultation with physicians. It is important that pain is indicated as part of the 4-phase therapy of Saphenus.

The operation can be performed in the following centers in cooperation Saphenus:

  • BG Clinic Tübingen
  • Brixsana Private Clinic
  • AUVA

In principle, the operation will be reimbursed by your insurance company. This must be checked in advance in each individual case.

The pain test has been developed by proven pain therapists and doctors and will contain a detailed analysis of your individual situation. You will get a diagnosis and assessment of your pain category.

Short: No

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. Also feel free to send us your experience with the system.

Do you have any questions?

Can't find the answer to your question? Contact us.

For whom is the Saphenus system suitable and for whom not?

The most important prerequisite is the pain test. This provides all the information about whether the therapy is promising for your conditions.

The Suralis system is suitable for people with transtibial and transfemoral amputations.

Company information

Facts & Figures

Realized market readiness by Austrian startup Saphenus Medical Technology, with the participation of Co-Founder Toni Innauer. Saphenus Medical Technology received a total of €71.4K in funding in 1 round. This was a funding round that started on January 1, 2019. Saphenus Medical Technology is funded by EASME - EU Executive Agency for SMEs.

Company address

  • Saphenus Medical Technology GmbH
  • Magnesite road 1
  • 3500 Krems
  • Austria

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