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Soft Exo Carry carrier for parcel carrier from Hunic

Back-friendly solution for parcel carriers and couriers

  • Compact
  • Cheap
  • Back relieving

Functions and advantages

Everything you need to know about the features and benefits of the Soft Exo Carry carrier for parcel carrier from Hunic need to know.


The SoftExo Carry enables back-friendly carrying of loads such as packages and increases the endurance capacity of the arms and shoulders. It is a compact exoskeleton that optimizes posture at work and, thanks to the practical ErgoPatches allows the placement of loads on the body. The SoftExo Carry rests comfortably against the body throughout the day and is a subtle reminder of a mindful and body-friendly working posture. The ErgoPatches along the belt act as supports. They allow, Place loads alternately on the body and thus relieve the arms and avoid one-sided overloading. This prevents signs of fatigue. The SoftExo Carry is Tightening ergonomics. Carrying loads unevenly strains the spine and often leads to back problems. Due to the SoftExo system loads are distributed and a Body-friendly working posture promoted. The system worn close to the body creates ideal freedom of movement in everyday life. It can easily be worn while driving, making it the perfect carrier for courier drivers. Customizable adjustment options, practical closures and breathable textiles increase comfort.


The SoftExo Carry exoskeleton revolutionizes the carrying of heavy loads such as parcels by relieving the strain on the back and enabling a back-friendly way of working. With this exoskeleton, the arms and shoulders can last longer and tire less quickly. The integrated ErgoPatches along the belt allow loads to be alternated to avoid one-sided overloading. This promotes an ergonomic working position and distributes loads evenly. The compact design of the SoftExo Carry allows it to be used in a variety of settings such as parcel delivery, warehouse work, construction and even everyday life.


Soft Exo Carry is an industrial carrying aid from Hunic that can be used both indoors and outdoors. It focuses on the upper body and supports the back, trunk and arm. With this load-bearing aid, users can stand, lift, carry and walk. The exoskeleton weighs only 0.53 kg and can be used by people with a height of 160 to 210 cm. It is water, dust and oil resistant and can withstand temperatures of up to 50 degrees. The product is available in Europe and can be used in various industries such as parcel delivery, logistics, industry, crafts, furniture and couriers. It allows driving forklifts and vans as well as sitting on a chair. It requires no maintenance and has a CE mark. Although there is no instruction manual, the manufacturer offers a test package for three weeks at a price of EUR 2,500. The exoskeleton has a one-year warranty and has been tested by Orthexo.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

How much support does the SoftExo Carry provide?

The SoftExo Carry enables advantageous carrying of loads and increases the endurance capacity of arms and shoulders. Due to its mode of action, it prevents the formation of hollow backs and effectively transfers the load to the pelvis . In addition, the comfortable fit stabilizes the torso area. At the same time, the belt system allows ideal freedom of movement in everyday work.

Is it difficult to put on the SoftExo Carry?

The SoftExo Carry is very easy to put on. With a little familiarization, the SoftExo Carry can be put on just as routinely as a belt. Customizable adjustment options and practical closures increase comfort.

Can the SoftExo Carry be adjusted individually?

The SoftExo Carry has been designed to easily adapt to body dimensions to fit most people. For best possible effectiveness and excellent comfort, individual parts can also be adjusted to optimize posture and meet personal preferences.

How does the SoftExo Carry help promote health?

The SoftExo Carry is ergonomics to put on. Because the system is worn close to the body, it does not restrict its wearer in their activities. The ErgoPatches along the belt act as supports that allow loads to be placed close to the body, thus reducing the strain on the arms. The arrangement of the ErgoPatches allows alternate carrying, preventing one-sided overloading. In this way, fatigue is prevented. The adjustable lumbar support in the lower back area and the lateral support straps prevent a hollow back from developing when carrying loads. Overloading of the spine can thus be prevented.

How long does a SoftExo Carry last?

The SoftExo Carry is designed for continuous use of at least 3 years if used properly and cleaned adequately. Due to the modular design, wear parts can be easily replaced in the interest of sustainability.

Can the SoftExo Carry be cleaned?

The SoftExo Carry is gratefully easy to clean in a conventional washing machine at 30°C due to the use of textiles. The ErgoPatches must be completely detached on both sides beforehand. These can be cleaned separately by disinfection.

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Company information

Facts & Figures

The tech startup Hunic was founded in 2017 by Jonas Mast in Baiersbronn and funded in a Companisto crowdfunding. In 2022, the team launched a renewed funding goal of EUR 300,000 on According to Hunic, the company's revenue has tripled since 2019 and is aiming for revenue growth of EUR one million in 2022.

Company address

  • HUNIC Ltd.
  • Bergerweg 51
  • 72270 Baiersbronn

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