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Seismic Intelligent Suit with Sensors for Wellness and Industry

Seismic™ Powered Clothing is a fusion of apparel and robotics designed to reduce muscle strain and fatigue by providing your core with added strength and stability.

  • Easy
  • Breathable (no sweating)
  • Very comfortable

Functions and advantages

Everything you need to know about the features and benefits of the Seismic Intelligent Suit with Sensors for Wellness and Industry need to know.


Seismic™ Powered Clothing is a fusion of apparel and robotics designed to reduce muscle strain and fatigue by providing your core with added strength and stability. Lightweight, breathable and comfortable, the networked garment features Flex-Drive™ electric muscles that adapt to your anatomical muscles for Intelligent Wearable Strength™.
A Seismic™ Shift in Workplace Safety. The Seismic™ Suit is designed specifically for the Occupational Safety & Wellness market - a vest-style garment inspired by traditional workwear that is quick and easy to wear, with a hardware "strap" in the form of a tool belt at the waist. The suit is able to automatically respond to awkward and hazardous postures such as standing, forward and backward bending, squatting, stooping and kneeling, supporting the body while reducing fatigue and discomfort. The center of the body can be supported 100 % while standing, forward bending and backward bending, essentially keeping the wearer suspended in these sustained positions without the need to use muscles to take pressure off the body and prevent injury.


Features and benefits:


  • Less pain, fatigue and overexertion
  • Lightweight, breathable and comfortable
  • Low form factor and improved freedom of movement of the garment
  • Multiple sizes for optimal fit with easy-to-use closures and micro-adjustment options
  • Easy on and off with enough power for an 8 hour shift
  • Reducing the financial cost of MSD injuries in the workplace.
  • Minimizing workers' compensation claims
  • Maximizing employee productivity
  • The data-driven Seismic™ Safety Score can be shared with insurance partners to reduce insurance premiums
  • Cost-effective and available in scalable fleet sizes
  • Comfort and ease of use promote acceptance by employees
  • Motorized wear for wellness and mobility not only provides support, strength and power to the core, but also boosts self-confidence and overall mobility, leading to longer independence and a higher quality of life
Labor & Industry:

The first Seismic Powered Clothing designed specifically for the work safety market. A garment worn over clothing, in the style of a vest inspired by traditional workwear, with a hardware "strap" in the form of a tool belt at the waist. The Seismic™ Suit was designed in accordance with OSHA standards and in collaboration with teacher customers to protect workers' mid-body, upper and lower backs during repetitive, awkward and hazardous postures:


  • Standing
  • Squat
  • Bending
  • Kneeling
  • Lean forward
  • Lean backward

The suit automatically senses and responds to the worker's movements and delivers power as needed through its 7 rotated thread actuators. The suit provides up to 10 hours of power and can provide up to 100 % of standing, forward and backward lean support - essentially keeping the worker suspended without the need to use muscle. Designed specifically for use in the workplace, the suit does not interfere with uniforms or existing PPE. It can be donned and doffed in less than 60 seconds, washed in more than 50 industrial washes and quickly serviced to minimize time and associated labor costs. Special design details in the suit's garment pattern, lightweight engineered components and a low-profile form factor prevent damage from contact with external products. These design details also provide greater range of motion and agility when performing tasks.


Advantages for the employee


  • Proven to reduce pain, fatigue and exertion
  • Lightweight, breathable and comfortable to wear
  • Slim garment design allows for a wide range of motion
  • Sizes available from XS to XXXL
  • Up to 10 hours power
  • Guided onboarding and training
  • Easy to put on and take off and charging
  • The Seismic Locker app provides data insights


Advantages for the employer


  • Reducing the financial cost of musculoskeletal injuries (MSDs) at work.
  • Maximizing employee productivity
  • Minimizing workers' compensation claims
  • Reduction of insurance premiums
  • Find out about future health and safety decisions
  • Creation of new data sets for occupational safety
  • Identification and support of high-risk work tasks
  • Protection of products from damage
  • Available in scalable fleet quantities
  • Cost-effective


  • The sensors and processors in the suit analyze your specific postures and activities.
  • Data reporting via IoT capabilities enables personalized dashboards and continuous improvement of posture detection over time

Seismic wearable design

  • Breathable, lightweight yet durable materials for everyday wear with an eye for aesthetics.
  • All models are available as over-the-clothing, next-to-the-skin or integrated into clothing and seamlessly align Flex-Drive™ electric muscles to comfortably distribute electrical support across the body


  • The Flex-Drive™ electric muscles provide up to 50 additional pounds of biomechanically aligned strength and stability support for your core and hip area.
  • Up to 10 hours of electric power and support per battery charge

Integrated modularity


The Mobi 2.0 system consists of a belt to which the housings with the Flex-Drive™ electric muscles are attached and can be easily incorporated into clothing.


Neutral state


After being placed on the wearer, the twisted threads that are inside the clothing are connected to the component belt via Seismics' "Multi-Connect" interface.
The Flex-Drive™ electric muscle is relaxed and loose.


Support is initiated


Based on the wearer's posture and triggered by the wearer's movements,
the Flex-Drive™ string bundle begins to twist and contract.




Using a proprietary network of diverters and force multipliers, the torque of the small, lightweight motors is multiplied to fully support the carrier.


Enabled support


The Flex-Drive™ electric muscles are fully contracted: Support is evenly distributed throughout the suit, providing the wearer with comfortable strength and stability.

Wellness & Leisure:

Suitable for a wide range of wellness applications, the Seismic Suit offers all wearers support and strength for their bodies in a discreet and fashionable form that can be worn under clothing. The Seismic Suit moves and lives with you. Not only does it provide customized physical support and strength, but it also provides data that enables and enhances your mobility. Personalized data dashboards inform and guide you in your daily activities, and over time, your data is used to further improve and customize the suit's behavior.


Seismic's Powered Clothing suit responds to natural body movements and uses tiny motors to deliver up to 30 watts of power to the hips and lower back. Weighing 5.5 pounds, the suit is a bit bulky in the "strength layer" on the outer legs, where the batteries are housed. However, Seismic plans to make the garment smaller and more compact in the future. The goal is for the suit not to feel like a medical device. The clothing produces about 40 decibels of sound, which Seismic describes as "less than a whisper." Still, a continuous sound can be considered annoying, depending on the user and activity. The Seismic Powered Clothing can be worn either as a base layer under clothing or as sportswear in the gym. The suit features three muscle patches (left, right and lower back) with an integrated force sensor and lithium-ion battery that lasts up to eight hours. The batteries can be replaced or recharged. The lower back patch also includes a processor that controls the entire garment and processes real-time data and activity tracking. In addition, the Seismic Powered Clothing is equipped with three IMUs, temperature sensors, and Bluetooth, LTE and WiFi connectivity. Seismic initially aims to help people who are generally healthy and independent but need additional support in their core body. The technology was originally developed at SRI International for a DARPA-funded program to reduce the risk of injury and improve soldiers' endurance. The suit automatically detects the wearer's movements and adjusts servo support accordingly. Seismic, formerly known as Superflex, recently acquired the intellectual property of Lumo Bodytech, a movement science company known for its posture correction and fitness equipment. Lumo's legacy products have been discontinued, but its machine learning algorithm will continue to be used to better control and customize Seismic's suit to each wearer. Seismic Powered Clothing will have a dashboard that tracks all data in real time, but there is a cost to access this information. This approach is similar to the Robotics-as-a-Service model that many robotics companies use.

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Company information

Facts & Figures

Seismic's technology was originally developed at SRI International for a DARPA-funded program to reduce the risk of injury and improve the endurance of soldiers. Recognizing that the technology was not just for military use, Seismic spun off SRI to explore Powered Clothing for a wide range of applications.

Company address

  • 333 Ravenswood Ave
  • Menlo Park
  • CA 94025

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