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Muscle Suit Soft-Power from Innophys

Adaptable to all bodies and sizes, easy to use, put on in less than ten seconds and requires no assistance.

  • Extremely light
  • Tightened in seconds
  • For all sizes

Functions and advantages

Everything you need to know about the features and benefits of the Muscle Suit Soft-Power from Innophys need to know.


In the world of technology and innovation, a product has entered the stage that redefines the limits of what is possible. Weighing just 430 grams, this textile exoskeleton sets a new benchmark for ultra-lightness and ease of use. Not only is it the lightest of its kind in the world, it is also easily adaptable to all body shapes and sizes. Put on in less than ten seconds and without the need for assistance, it offers unparalleled ease of use.

The efficiency of this groundbreaking product is also impressive. With flexible yet solid support, it reduces strain on the lower back, particularly in the L4-L5 and L5-S1 area, by an astonishing 35%. This unique feature makes it an indispensable companion for people who care about their back health and want to improve their performance.

The dynamic nature of the textile exoskeleton allows the user total freedom of movement. It is perfect for multitasking activities that require a lot of dynamism, whether driving vehicles or transporting loads. The adaptability of this product to different movement sequences makes it an indispensable companion for work areas where flexibility and freedom of movement are crucial.


Another outstanding aspect is the comfort offered by this exoskeleton. No element performs contraindicated muscle compressions and there are no disruptive pressure elements. The intelligent structure of the exoskeleton simulates the natural muscles of the human body, ensuring ergonomic support and an even distribution of body force. Attachment to the body is minimal and strategic, without restricting freedom of movement. In addition, it does not cause any unpleasant heat build-up even during prolonged daily use.


In a world where economy plays a key role, this textile exoskeleton also shines. It offers a maintenance-free solution at an extremely competitive price. This makes it accessible not only to large companies, but also to smaller businesses and individuals who want to benefit from the many advantages this product offers.


In addition to all these impressive features, the textile exoskeleton has the coveted CE and IP56 certifications. These certificates not only confirm the quality and safety of the product, but also underline its compliance with European standards and its resistance to water and dust.


Overall, this textile exoskeleton represents an innovative response to the needs of the modern working world. It combines ultra-lightness, ease of use, efficiency, dynamics, comfort, economy and certifications into a product that not only exceeds expectations, but also revolutionizes the way we understand physical work and movement. Welcome to the future of the textile exoskeleton - a future that is lighter, more efficient and more user-friendly than ever before.

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Company information

Facts & Figures

More than 20,000 units sold worldwide. INNOPHYS has raised a total of 34.5 million in 5 funding rounds. The latest funding was raised on December 25, 2019 in a Series C round. INNOPHYS is funded by 29 investors. HI-LEX Corporation and Towa Pharmaceutical are the most recent investors.

Company address

  • Innophys Co, Ltd.
  • Tokyo University of Science Morito Memorial Hall 3F
  • 4-2-2 Kagurazaka
  • Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
  • 162-0825
  • Japan
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