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Hapo exoskeleton for transportation and gardening

Regardless of posture, it reduces lumbar strain and protects the intralateral intervertebral discs. In a static standing position, it provides physical support when the back forms an angle greater than 5 or 20%.

Industrial sectors:

  • Transportation
  • Horticulture
  • Floristry
  • Agriculture

Functions and advantages

Everything you need to know about the features and benefits of the Hapo exoskeleton for transportation and gardening need to know.


The HAPO works because it redirects the effort of the upper torso (chest support) partially to the thighs using the springs.

The belt supports the lumbar region without constricting it.

In dynamic flexion, from the position of hands on the floor to the position of arms at height (at the level of the hips), it allows to support the lower back.

The Hapo was developed in cooperation with AIRBUS and SNCF.

  • The load is taken off the shoulder and chest like a backpack and redirected to the thighs with the help of the exoskeleton's support structure
  • The energy accumulator, consisting of two fiberglass rods, absorbs force when bending and releases it again when lifting
  • It is aimed at companies looking for personalized measures to support their employees in the manual handling of loads.
  • The biomechanical principle of action enables significant relief of the lumbar spine when lifting loads
  • A decrease in the activity of the long biceps thigh muscle was also observed
  • The HAPO is based on a three point flexion system
  • With support at the level of the chest area of the lumbar belt and on the thighs
  • These three support points are connected by composite springs. When handling loads, there is an impulse during lifting that helps to stand up and at the same time relieves the back and straightens the spine
  • Lightweight and close to the body - Sitting, walking, climbing stairs....
  • Easy to use - You can put it on like a backpack in 20 seconds
  • Efficient - The relative support power is 14 kg customizable
  • Intuitive - Simple work provision
  • Affordable - Best price-performance ratio on the market
  • Support up to 14kg
  • ON/OFF with 1 click
  • Support adjustment on both sides
  • Adaptable
    • Fits for 98% of people
    • suitable for men and women
    • 3 sizes available
      • S 155-165cm
      • M 170-185cm
      • L 190-195+ cm
  • Weight 1,2kg
  • Warranty 1 year
  • Lifetime approx. 5 years

HAPO aims to provide support to workers who have difficulty performing their work while standing due to postural or joint limitations. It helps to relieve back strain and maintain correct posture, regardless of whether the person is in a fully flexed or upright position. The device redirects part of the force of the upper trunk to the thighs with the help of springs and, with its belt, helps to support the lumbar spine without restrictions. In this way, HAPO effectively contributes to the reduction of musculoskeletal disorders. The lumbar region is supported by the belt without restrictions. The Hapo Exoskeleton Plum is an industrial exoskeleton designed for transportation and gardening activities. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and focuses on the upper body region, especially the back. The exoskeleton allows lifting and carrying loads, thus assisting with ground work. It is lightweight and weighs only 1.2 kg, providing users with comfort and freedom of movement. The exoskeleton can be used by users with a height of 165 to 190 cm and is compatible with machines such as forklifts and transporters. It also allows users to sit on a chair during use. The exoskeleton is oil, dust and water resistant and can be used in temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius. With a net price of 1890 euros, it offers a reliable solution for industrial use. It is sold in the U.S., Europe and Asia, and there is no minimum order quantity. Maintenance is required to ensure optimal functionality of the exoskeleton. It can be used for lifting up to a maximum weight of 14 kg. The manufacturer is headquartered in France and production also takes place there. The exoskeleton has a CE mark, but there is no instruction manual available. The manufacturer offers a test package that is available for 4 weeks at a price of 1,100 euros, of which 50 % can be credited

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Company information

Facts & Figures

Ergo santé technologie is a company of the Ergosanté Group. The company continues to offer sensors with the purchase of exoskeletons. The HAPO SENSOR is a tool that can be operated from your smartphone. It allows you to evaluate the intensity and frequency of the user's bending movements. These measurements provide objective feedback with scientific evidence. They help users understand the benefits offered by the exoskeleton by measuring the load offloaded during an activity, both in weight and percentage. The sensor is only used temporarily to demonstrate effectiveness. The sensor is not intended for continuous use, but only for the introductory phase. The data is displayed anonymously and neutrally, without personal data, so that employees do not feel monitored. Thus, the decision to introduce exoskeletons is rationally presented and illustrated with data afterwards.

Company address

  • ErgoSanté
  • Za De Labahou
  • 30140 Anduze
  • France

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