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HAPO FRONT for upper limbs from Ergosante

The HAPO FRONT is a lightweight, intuitive exoskeleton designed to provide relief to the upper limbs, shoulders and elbows.

  • Construction & Craft & Logistics
  • Agriculture
  • Medicine

Functions and advantages

Everything you need to know about the features and benefits of the HAPO FRONT for upper limbs from Ergosante need to know.


It is a particularly suitable solution for all work requiring support of the arms in front of the body in the range from 0° to 135° and in a horizontal range of 180°, in order to reduce complications and improve working conditions. The user maintains a great freedom of movement and is not hindered when performing work that does not require mechanical support. This exoskeleton is a well thought-out solution that combines continuous efficiency and freedom of movement. Thanks to this balance, the HAPO FRONT allows the user to perform their tasks effortlessly while benefiting from a reduction in the arduousness associated with their workstation. An aid to relieve the strain on shoulders and elbows. The HAPO FRONT is often used in situations involving repetitive arm movements, such as holding arms out in front of you for long periods of time or stretching your arms forward, which can cause long-term upper body problems. It is used in theDairy industry to relieve shoulder strain during repetitive handling of milking tools. It is also used in cheese production because of the many maneuvers required during ripening, as well as by vegetable growers, dairy farmers, oyster farmers, and grape growers. It is also found among craftsmen who have to stand for long periods with their arms stretched out in front of them, cable layers, electricians, welders, sorters, and also laboratory technicians or healthcare workers.


  • The lightweight exoskeleton HAPO Ms is a device for combating difficulties at work and their consequences.
  • The HAPO FRONT is a lightweight, intuitive exoskeleton designed to provide upper limb relief.
  • It provides a suitable solution for work where the arms need to be supported in front of the body in a range from 0° to 135° and horizontally from 180°.
  • The user retains great freedom of movement and is not hindered in work that does not require mechanical support.
  • The HAPO FRONT relieves pressure on shoulders and elbows and is used in various sectors such as construction, logistics, industry, agriculture and medical technology.
  • Musculoskeletal disorders that can result from long-term arm movements and postures can be addressed by the exoskeleton.
  • The HAPO FRONT offers an efficiency-price-excellence ratio and weighs only 1.3 kg.
  • It can be put on and removed quickly and easily and is available in one size.
  • It does not require an external power source and has a water-repellent and breathable fabric.
  • Laboratory studies have shown that the HAPO FRONT is comfortable and reduces muscle activity without having negative effects on the postural muscles of the upper body.

Musculoskeletal disorders can be caused by jobs that require repetitive handling of objects, holding the arms in front of the body for long periods of time, or requiring "arm-forward" postures. These conditions can lead to irreversible joint damage to the elbows and shoulders in the long term. The HAPO FRONT is a tool to combat arduousness in the workplace and its consequences: Musculoskeletal disorders, absenteeism, demotivation, disorganization, loss of skills. The testers found the HAPO FRONT comfortable (deviation of -12% without and with the exoskeleton). It does not disturb the user's balance. It reduces muscle activity of the biceps and deltoid by 33 % and 16 %, respectively, during a dynamic task with arm at half height. No negative effects were observed on the main postural muscles of the upper body. These good results suggest a good acceptance of the HAPO FRONT. Biomechanical Evaluation Study May 2021.

  • Very light: 1.3 kg
  • Quick release
  • One size fits all
  • Two possible strengths
  • Support up to 6 kg
  • Does not use any source of external energy
  • Water repellent and breathable fabric for easy cleaning
  • Perfect ratio of efficiency / price / excellence

The HAPO FRONT (formerly known as MS) is a lightweight and user-friendly exoskeleton designed to provide relief to the shoulders, elbows and upper limbs. It is specifically designed for jobs that require arm support in front of the body. This support can cover a range of motion from 0° to 135° and can be moved horizontally up to 180°. The main objective of this exoskeleton is to reduce fatigue and improve working conditions. The HAPO FRONT for upper limbs by Ergosante is an industrial exoskeleton for the upper body, especially for shoulders, neck and arm. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. It allows frontal movements, making it suitable for activities such as grasping and holding objects. The exoskeleton requires no power supply and weighs only 1.3 kg, making it comfortable to wear. It is suitable for users with a body height of 160 to 195 cm. Use on machines is possible, but not driving a forklift or a transporter. It allows sitting on a chair and is resistant to dust, water and oil. The HAPO FRONT can be used in temperatures up to 50 degrees Celsius. The retail price is 2300 EUR net, and it is sold in the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia. The minimum purchase is 1 piece. It requires regular maintenance and can lift a maximum weight of 3 kg. The manufacturer has its headquarters in France, where production also takes place. It does not have FDA approval, but it does have a CE mark. There is no instruction manual, but the manufacturer offers a test package for 4 weeks, which can be credited to 50 %. There is a warranty of 1 year.

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Company information

Facts & Figures

Ergo santé technologie is a company of the Ergosanté Group. The company continues to offer sensors with the purchase of exoskeletons. The HAPO SENSOR is a tool that can be operated from your smartphone. It allows you to evaluate the intensity and frequency of the user's bending movements. These measurements provide objective feedback with scientific evidence. They help users understand the benefits offered by the exoskeleton by measuring the load offloaded during an activity, both in weight and percentage. The sensor is only used temporarily to demonstrate effectiveness. The sensor is not intended for continuous use, but only for the introductory phase. The data is displayed anonymously and neutrally, without personal data, so that employees do not feel monitored. Thus, the decision to introduce exoskeletons is rationally presented and illustrated with data afterwards.

Company address

  • ErgoSanté
  • Za De Labahou
  • 30140 Anduze
  • France

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