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CDYS Passive Shoulder Exoskeleton by Crimson Dynamics

CDYS was developed based on myofascial theory. As a combination of rigid and soft exoskeleton, it can provide both strength and flexibility. CDYB can stabilize the lower back while supporting the lumbar muscles. It is suitable for positions that require sustained bending posture or repetitive material handling.

Industry sectors

  • Auto industry
  • Airplane
  • Shipyard
  • Construction

Functions and advantages

Everything you need to know about the features and benefits of the CDYS Passive Shoulder Exoskeleton by Crimson Dynamics need to know.

  • Extremely lightweight with only 2.4 kg total weight
  • Applicable body height: 165cm-195cm
  • No power required
  • Well fixed without tightening


Thanks to the invention of the ASB (Anti-Sliding Belt), all sliding and rotating mechanisms of the exoskeleton arms are replaced by simple and light belts. With the unique combination of SUSPENDING TYPE ARM CUFF and ASB, support is transmitted only through soft textiles and no tightening is required for stable attachment. The carbon fiber skeletal frame is modeled after the movement of the human shoulder blade to provide natural movement and stable support. Up to seven levels of support can be easily adjusted without changing accessories. Thanks to the structural design and the use of breathable materials, the direct contact area of the entire exoskeleton has been tremendously reduced to provide a comfortable, long-lasting wearing experience while ensuring stability.


Due to the flexibility and adaptability of the CDYS exoskeleton structure, an exoskeleton of the same size can be fully functionally adapted to similar users even without resizing.

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Company information

Facts & Figures

Crimson Dynamics is a China-based joint venture industrial exoskeleton research and development company established in 2016. It received funding from national high-tech programs and international investment companies. The R&D team developed the exoskeleton design principle " ACFA " to ensure the effectiveness, comfort and adaptability of exoskeleton products to the environment. The exoskeleton mechanism was developed based on myofascial theory, tensegrity structure and underactuated system to create practical exoskeleton products for harsh working conditions and high-intensity use. CRIMSON works closely with the world's leading manufacturers at the outset of all exoskeleton projects to ensure adaptability and pursue continuous technical development.

Company address

  • DL Crimson Dynamics Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Building 2. room 906
  • No.32 Huoju Road
  • High-tech zone
  • Dalian
  • China
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