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C DYB-EP Lightweight Exoskeleton from Crimson Dynamics

  • Safe & effective
  • Increase the shelf life
  • Protect the muscular skeleton

Functions and advantages

Everything you need to know about the features and benefits of the C DYB-EP Lightweight Exoskeleton from Crimson Dynamics need to know.

  • Elastic hold
  • Safe & effective
  • Increase the shelf life
  • Protect the muscular skeleton
  • Up to 25 kg. Support for the back muscles on average
  • Total weight 2,4kg
  • Fully adjustable size for different users
  • Passive system No power supply required

Bionic carbon fiber skeleton


Inspired by the human spine and sacrum, the traditional complex torque control mechanism is replaced by the simple geometry of the CDYB skeletal frame, which generates the desired support torque according to the bending angle. The bionic design greatly reduced weight and complexity and increased comfort. The strong frame is made of carbon fiber and aerospace aluminum alloy.


Differential walking mechanism


The built-in differential mechanism can detect the working state of the exoskeleton. The "low resistance state" can ensure the freedom of actions such as walking, running, squatting, climbing and so on. During the bending process, the mechanism starts to engage and provide supporting torque.


Easy setting


With the patented adjustment mechanism, a simple, light and easy-to-use adjustment structure is built into the rope. Only one point needs to be adjusted to adapt to different needs and users of different heights.


The C DYB-EP Lightweight Exoskeleton from Crimson Dynamics is an industrial exoskeleton suitable for both indoor and outdoor use that supports the upper body, especially the back. It allows movements such as lifting, carrying and frontal movements. The exoskeleton is not powered by electricity and does not include AI support. It finds application in various industries such as manufacturing, production, assembly and logistics. Weighing 2.4 kg, it is lightweight and comfortable to wear. It can be used by users with height from 160 to 190 cm and is also suitable for use on machines. However, it cannot be used for driving a forklift or a van, but it allows sitting on a chair. The exoskeleton is oil, water and dust resistant according to IP56 certification and can be used at maximum temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius. The net selling price is 1,350 euros and the exoskeleton is sold in China and Europe. There is no minimum order quantity and the exoskeleton requires regular maintenance. It is capable of supporting a maximum weight of 20 kg for lifting. The manufacturer has its headquarters and production in China. The exoskeleton does not have FDA approval, but is in the process of applying for CE marking

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Company information

Facts & Figures

Crimson Dynamics is a China-based joint venture industrial exoskeleton research and development company established in 2016. It received funding from national high-tech programs and international investment companies. The R&D team developed the exoskeleton design principle " ACFA " to ensure the effectiveness, comfort and adaptability of exoskeleton products to the environment. The exoskeleton mechanism was developed based on myofascial theory, tensegrity structure and underactuated system to create practical exoskeleton products for harsh working conditions and high-intensity use. CRIMSON works closely with the world's leading manufacturers at the outset of all exoskeleton projects to ensure adaptability and pursue continuous technical development.

Company address

  • DL Crimson Dynamics Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Building 2. room 906
  • No.32 Huoju Road
  • High-tech zone
  • Dalian
  • China
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