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Apex 2 for back relief from HeroWear

Put simply, the Apex 2 works like an extra set of back muscles. Elastic bands stretch when your muscles stretch during movements, then retract when your muscles contract, returning energy and providing support during each bending movement. The bands move comfortably with the user, reducing forces on spinal muscles and discs every time the wearer bends forward or squats - all without motors or batteries.

  • available from 1,099 USD
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Can be used for changing work steps

Functions and advantages

Everything you need to know about the features and benefits of the Apex 2 for back relief from HeroWear need to know.


The Apex 2 is a lightweight exosuit with back support that combines the power of science with a focus on comfort, resulting in unparalleled protection and wearer comfort. The suit's support reduces muscle fatigue by up to 40 % and muscle strain by up to 40 %, giving hard-working men and women more energy at work, a lower risk of injury and a better quality of life outside of work.  The Apex 2 also retains the evasion aid philosophy (the switch on the shoulder of the Apex activates and releases the tension of the elastic elements in the back with a single click). The Exosuit continues to be modular with interchangeable parts and all together weighs 3 pounds (compared to 3.4 pounds for the previous model).

Designed for all-day comfort, the modular shoulder straps are now available in 6 strap sizes for a custom fit. The revised S-shaped strap and contoured edges of the Apex 2 provide greater comfort through freedom of movement.


The elastic bands are the powerhouse of the Apex 2: they basically function like an additional back muscle. They provide the necessary support with full freedom of movement - completely without batteries. They are available in 6 different lengths to provide the best fit for users of any size, and in 3 thicknesses to customize support for any task.


The Thigh Sleeves provide a convenient anchor point for the ligaments. The Thigh Sleeves attach to the Apex 2 with a buckle, making them simple and easy to use. You can also easily loosen them when you want to cool down and tighten them when you are ready to work.


The Apex 2 reduces muscle fatigue and strain by 40 % and relieves 100 pounds of back strain with every lift. It's made with abrasion-resistant fabrics, engineered-grade polymers and aircraft-grade aluminum, so the suit can withstand the toughest environments.


The Apex 2 improves on the already best-in-class modular design of the Apex 1 to fit even more people comfortably. And the new design dramatically reduces heat retention - making it better suited for all-day use in a wider range of applications.



The sleek and flexible design of the Apex 2 moves naturally with the user's body, giving you the freedom to maneuver through a variety of tasks and even in tight spaces. Along with an on/off switch that only helps you when you need it, the Apex 2 is practical for working quickly in many industries.

Why is the use of the Apex 2 worthwhile?
  • Reduces the risk of injury: musculoskeletal disorders lead to high medical costs and affect the worker's quality of life
  • Reduces absenteeism: Keeps hardworking men and women ready to work and support their families
  • Reduces fatigue: Fresher and happier employees mean better productivity
  • Improves culture: Retain employees and reduce turnover
Subschid to the Apex version 1:
  • The overall depth of Apex 2 backrest is more than 50 % thinner than Apex 1, which makes it even more comfortable for people to sit or recline. This is to improve the comfort of users when sitting in chairs with higher backrest, forklifts, truck seats, etc.
  • Revised shape and design of the strap component to improve load distribution across the upper body and dramatically improve comfort when gripping in front of the body.
  • HeroWear also reduced the surface area on the back by half, turning it into a ventilated panel that reduces heat retention.
  • The surface area of the thigh cuffs has been reduced by 40 % to further reduce heat retention.
  • The Apex 2 also has a patent-pending feature for quick tightening/loosening of the thigh cuffs. For more information, see the peer-reviewed study "Exoskeletons and Exosuits Could Benefit from Mode-Switching Body Interfaces That Loosen/Tighten to Improve Thermal Comfort." In summary, the study suggests that exoskeleton harnesses (in this case on the legs) should be automatically loosened when the wearable device is not actively supporting the user to reduce the amount of heat they trap.
  • HeroWear has upgraded the fabric to a 1000D ballistic nylon, which is more abrasion resistant.
  • The Velcro closure on the old thigh cuffs has been replaced with a polymer buckle (originally a Velcro closure).
  • Improved the polymer used for the plastic components in the coupling and replaced the elastic band joints with aircraft-grade aluminum.

The Apex 2 basically performs the function of additional back muscles. As the user moves, the elastic bands expand when the muscles expand and then return when the muscles contract. This creates energy and assists any flexing motion. The bands move gently with the user, reducing pressure on the muscles and discs of the spine as the wearer bends forward or squats. All of this happens without the use of motors or batteries. HeroWear's Apex 2 exoskeleton is an industrial back relief device designed specifically for upper body use. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and provides back relief during lifting and carrying movements. Weighing only 1.54 kg, the exoskeleton is lightweight and comfortable to wear. It can be used in various sectors such as assembly, industry, crafts, logistics and care. The exoskeleton is suitable for users with a height of 165 to 205 cm and can be used on machines. It also allows driving forklifts and transporters as well as sitting on a chair. The Apex 2 exoskeleton is dust and water resistant and can be used in temperatures up to 50 degrees. The retail price is €1,999 net, and the product is available in Europe and the United States. There is no minimum purchase, and regular maintenance is not required. The exoskeleton can support a maximum weight of 15 kg for lifting.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Can the Apex exoskeleton cause potential skin problems after several hours of use?

The Apex Exoskellet has been used by workers during full shifts with no known skin problems. The best way to avoid potential skin damage such as chafing or rash is to adjust the Apex so that it fits properly and snugly and does not shift, move or rub against any part of the body during use. In addition, new users should become familiar with the Apex slowly, starting with about one week of use 50 percent of the time, followed by one week of use for 75 percent of the time before using for full shifts.

Is the fabric breathable?

We collaborated on the design with professionals who have decades of experience in designing sports and performance apparel and garments. We made the Apex Exoskeleton as lightweight and breathable as possible. We have worked hard to minimize heat retention due to the use of the Apex.

Can the exosuit break down from too much use?

Yes. As with all clothing, tools, and personal protective equipment (PPE), normal wear and tear from use applies to the Apex exoskeleton. We back all components with a full 1-year warranty. The Apewx exoskeleton is also fully modular, so individual components can be quickly and easily replaced as needed without having to buy or replace the entire suit.

Can I wear a tool belt with the exoskeleton?

The exoskeleton is for craftsmen can be used with some tool belts. Tool belts with the ability to adjust the position of the tools on the hip are better suited for apex work because workers need to place their tools on the sides of their body rather than the back to avoid conflicts with the apex's auxiliary straps. Because of the Apex's shoulder straps, it works better with tool belts worn around the waist than those worn over the shoulders.

Is it waterproof?

Although the Apex Exoskeleton is not intended for outdoor use in the rain, return the broken suit or parts to us for inspection and we can determine if they have not been damaged by misuse or exposure to chemicals or moisture. If the suit was used as intended, it will be repaired and/or replaced under the 1-year warranty.

Could the use of the Apex exosuit change lifting techniques in a way that increases risk?"

After initial testing, users tend to use similar lifting kinematics with or without an exosuit. If anything, the Apex can improve lifting posture because the device provides tactile feedback to the user that helps prevent snagging or poor lifting mechanics. This is what several users of our exoskeleton have reported to us!

How does the Apex 2 behave in emergencies?

Users of the exoskeleton retain full freedom of movement and agility. They can run, climb, jump, etc. while wearing the Apex. In addition, Velcro straps on the thighs and a single buckle on the sternum allow for extremely rapid removal (<10 seconds) in emergencies or when CPR or defibrillation must be performed on the person wearing the exosuit.

Are there any studies on the effect?

In both laboratory and field tests, the Apex Exosuit significantly reduced lower back strain and fatigue as measured by electromyography (EMG). For more details and specific numbers, see research by Lamers et al. (2018), Lamers et al. (2020), and Yandell et al. (2020). Reducing muscle load and fatigue reduces stress on muscles, surrounding soft tissues, and the spine itself. This reduces the risk of injury.

Do you have any questions?

Can't find the answer to your question? Contact us.

HeroWear Apex 2 Test Report

We tested the Apex 2 exoskeleton from HeroWear on 13.05.2023 and are extremely enthusiastic. You can tell that the developers of the Apex 2 have fully understood the target group. With the Apex 2, you can sit without any problems (the back element has been extremely reduced in size compared to its predecessor), so you won't notice the Apex 2 on your office chair or forklift. Jumping is also child's play. All in all, it is by far the lightest exoskeleton on the market. You hardly notice that you are wearing it after an hour. It's also one of the few solutions without a waist belt, so you can still stash your smartphone and keys in your pocket, even go to the bathroom without taking the solution off as a man. The construction at the back end has been designed to be extremely breathable. Often, large surfaces that are in contact with the body cause sweating. This is not the case here. The back area is extremely flat and the solution itself is kept very narrow. There are not so many parts on the body and in itself just kept very compact. We liked this extremely well, as long-term practical use depends on these peripheral attributes. It just doesn't get in the way of everyday professional life. We first made the wrong thigh selection. This is extremely important here so that you can extract the full benefit. The solution not only supports lifting, but also admonishes, so the design makes it almost impossible to lift incorrectly. The design is chosen so that even younger workers get intrinsically motivated. It's cool and just a great effect with little material usage. The parts are easy to clean due to the material efficiency, making them hygienic. When working with a lot of dust, the thigh holder needs to be wiped down once a day because it contains an anti-slip solution inside which can cause friction when there is a lot of dust. It is very easy to put on and take off. There is a kind of switch option at the shoulder area, which is by far not as difficult to use as with other solutions.


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HeroWear was founded at Vanderbilt University. HeroWear has received a total of $1.6M in 4 rounds of funding. The latest funding was raised on Jan 7, 2022 in a Venture - Series Unknown round. HeroWear is funded by 2 investors. Launch Tennessee and National Science Foundation are the latest investors.

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