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DeltaSuit Overhead Exoskeleton from Auxivo

Designed for dynamic use, the DeltaSuit requires quick adjustment without compromise. Thanks to its hybrid design that crosses the back, shoulders and arms, the dynamic support system adapts naturally to every movement and supports it progressively and elastically with minimal restrictions and limitations.

  • Top design
  • Very comfortable
  • Cheap

Functions and advantages

Everything you need to know about the features and benefits of the DeltaSuit Overhead Exoskeleton from Auxivo need to know.

The main features of DeltaSuit:

  • Dynamic shoulder support of up to 6.6 Nm and two different level profiles that can be switched in seconds.
  • Available in two sizes with minimal adjustment for optimized fit and comfort.
  • Innovative upper body interface that allows natural spinal mobility and automatic size adjustment.
  • A telescopic arm segment allows dynamic compensation of misalignment for maximum freedom of movement.
  • Low weight with approx. 2kg
  • List price 2290 €

Designed to adapt to the unique movements and support requirements of its wearer, the DeltaSuit represents the pinnacle of innovation in the field. Designed to meet the needs of the most demanding active workers, the DeltaSuit is the result of scientific research, the use of innovative materials, Swiss engineering and an unceasing passion for building a unique overhead exoskeleton that provides workers with support at or above the shoulder and allows for unrestricted movement. With its avant-garde integrated hybrid design and anthropomorphic approach, the DeltaSuit offers an unparalleled comfort and performance experience and sets a new standard in occupational exoskeletons. Designed to achieve the perfect balance between motion flexibility, dynamic support and ease of use, the DeltaSuit introduces a breakthrough design approach , merging various mechanical and textile solutions into a unique, integrated hybrid exoskeleton packaged in a user-friendly and fully customizable design. The carefully crafted design shapes intuitively follow the natural alignments of the human body, creating a sleek and compact design with an unparalleled ergonomic experience. This ensures accessibility and ease of use in even the tightest and most demanding work environments.

The foundation of the DeltaSuit is based on extensive research in biomechanics, ergonomics and engineering, integrating advanced and lightweight materials. All of this expertise comes together in a carefully designed, compact, wearable exoskeleton that goes beyond conventional solutions . With a unique hybrid exoskeleton design, the DeltaSuit seamlessly combines rigid and soft components to create a system that provides a high level of support while ensuring maximum freedom of movement and ease of use. The DeltaSuit is made of advanced materials, including lightweight aerospace-grade aluminum alloys, engineered polymers, and a blend of Cordura® and 3D mesh textiles. This makes it one of the lightest overhead exoskeletons on the market and dynamically reinforces its structure, resulting in a high level of support and unrestricted movement. At the heart of the support system is the proven EES (Elastic Energy Storage), highly integrated into the compact shoulder structure, which can be adjusted in two levels of support and allows a new level of customization of user performance.

The results show that wearing the DeltaSuit reduces muscle activity and delays the fatigue process.
When the muscles fatigue more slowly, the user will be
less tired and can perform the same task longer.

  • Heart cost reduction 15 %
  • Neck muscle fatigue reduction 75 %
  • Reduction of muscle fatigue of the upper arms 60 %
  • Reduction of shoulder muscle fatigue 45 %
  • Support of the shoulder muscles through assembly tasks 36 %

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Company information

Facts & Figures

Auxivo AG was founded in 2019 as a spin-off of the Laboratory of Rehabilitation Technology at ETH Zurich.

Company address

  • Auxivo AG
  • Sonnenbergstrasse 72
  • 8603 Schwerzenbach
  • Switzerland
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