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Andago walking robot from the company Hocoma

When training in a multifaceted, real-life situation, patient safety is a major challenge for therapists.

Functions and advantages

Everything you need to know about the features and benefits of the Andago walking robot from the company Hocoma need to know.


The Andago walking robot from the company Hocoma© is used in our therapy center for gait training. It is particularly suitable for severely affected patients with gait and balance disorders. The Andago is used for patients with neurological and orthopedic diseases. A mobile dynamic weight support of up to 50 kg can be adapted to the patient's needs. The Andago reacts sensitively to the slightest changes in the position of the trunk via sensors and converts these into a movement. This allows the patient to move freely in the room on his own feet with the Andago during therapy. This is even possible for patients who would not be able to stand at all without the Andago. Walking is relearned in a safe setting without the risk of falling. In conventional gait therapy, the healthcare professional must physically support the patient's body weight and posture.


  • There is a risk of injury from falls.
  • Patients' fear of falling may limit their physiological movements.
  • Intensive and versatile gait therapy in the open space.

The Andago® V2.0 is a training device that enables therapists to perform safe gait and balance training in open space for patients with gait or balance disorders. It relieves the therapist from having to support the patient's body weight and posture themselves.


  • Provides both dynamic and individually adjustable body weight relief
  • Andago® V2.0 offers a dynamic and individually adjustable body weight support system that enables the following:
  • prevents support when standing and walking
  • Supports the body weight against gravity during weight transfer
  • Helps patients walk upright and hands free
  • Safe walking and balance training
  • Safe training with patients is guaranteed at all times, as they are supported by the body weight relief system and protected from falls by the fall protection system.
  • The device keeps the patient upright during the entire workout.
  • The most important training results and data are logged and can be exported via USB
  • No change in infrastructure.
  • Flexible use from room to room.


The Andago® V2.0 supports the following balance and gait training modalities:


  • Standing
  • Walking in a straight line
  • Walking on a freely chosen path (self-initiated walking)
  • Walking on a path controlled by the therapist
  • Ready for use immediately

The Andago is the world's first free-moving mobile robotic gait device developed by Hocoma and combined with a body weight support system. The Andago provides intensive, efficient and versatile gait therapy, bridging the gap between treadmill gait analysis and the patient's ability to walk freely without assistance. The mobile robotic technology detects the patient's movements and actively follows them while providing dynamic and safe body weight support.

The Andago is suitable for patients who need rehabilitation for any condition that affects their movement and for fall prevention. These include:
  • Clock
  • Traumatic brain injury (SHT)
  • Spinal cord injury (SCI)
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Endoprostheses (e.g. joint replacement)
  • Degenerative joint diseases of the lower extremities (e.g. knee osteoarthritis)
  • Spinal muscular atrophy
  • Muscle weakness due to lack of mobility
  • Heart disease, if approved by the treating physician
  • Amputee

Using the Andago's flexible body weight support system allows your patient to move without fear of falling, becoming unstable or injuring themselves. The Andago allows them to move freely, hands-free and upright in a safe environment. As a therapist, you can step back and assess their movements, provide feedback and monitor their progress with gait, balance and stability tasks.


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Company information

Facts & Figures

The Lokomat was sold 1,000 times (as of 2022). The Erigo system was sold a total of 418 times by 2022, including to Schön Klinik. The company was founded in 1996 and maintains more than 100 employees

Company address

  • Hocoma AG
  • Industrial road 4
  • Volketswil
  • 8604 CH
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