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Soft Exo Lift from Hunic for back relief

Soft Exo Lift is an exoskeleton designed to relieve back strain and developed for lifting and moving loads in a powerful way that is easy on the back.

Industry sectors

  • Construction
  • Packages
  • Logistics
  • Furniture transport

Functions and advantages

Everything you need to know about the features and benefits of the Soft Exo Lift from Hunic for back relief need to know.


The SoftExo Lift optimizes the working posture during lifting, effectively reducing the forces acting on the back by up to 50% while distributing the forces.


In addition, the tension of the leg support gives up to 21% more strength when lifting, according to the manufacturer.


The SoftExo supports the leg and back muscles when lifting loads and promotes ergonomic movement. Wearing the SoftExo permanently relieves and protects the spine, joints and muscles. The SoftExo makes lifting loads easier and contributes to an ergonomic movement. Wearing the SoftExo relieves and protects the spine, joints and muscles.


Durable and replaceable elastomers make the SoftExo Lift effective in usability and a product with sustainability.


The SoftExo Lift provides support where lifting is done powerfully below chest level or during lifting movements by bending over, for example from wire mesh boxes or shelves.

The Soft Exo Lift from Hunic is an industrial exoskeleton specifically designed to relieve back strain. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


The exoskeleton focuses on the upper body region and provides targeted support for the back. It enables users to lift and carry heavy loads without overloading their back.


The Soft Exo Lift is particularly suitable for applications where lifting and carrying objects is a frequent movement. It is ideal for use in sectors such as logistics, industry, crafts and production.


Weighing only 1.4 kg, the exoskeleton is lightweight and allows optimal freedom of movement. It fits users with a body height of 160 to 210 cm.


The Soft Exo Lift provides excellent support for the back and is robust enough to withstand the demands of use on machinery. It even allows for driving forklifts or vans as well as sitting on a chair.


The exoskeleton is oil, dust and water repellent, which makes it particularly durable and suitable for use in adverse conditions. It can be used at temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius.


The retail price of the Soft Exo Lift is 2700 euros net, and it can be purchased in Europe. There is no minimum order quantity, and maintenance of the exoskeleton is not required.


The Soft Exo Lift has the CE mark and is made in Germany. It comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer, and although there is no user manual, the manufacturer offers a test package for three weeks at a price of 2,500 euros.


The exoskeleton is Orthexo proofed, which confirms its quality and effectiveness.

  • Back-friendly, ergonomic work - increasing preventive health competence
  • Maximum freedom of movement due to the low weight and minimal interfering contours
  • As a sustainable product very easy to use and maintain
  • Ideal for weights up to 16 kg

To put on the SoftExo, follow the steps below:


  1. First, put the SoftExo on like a backpack by passing your arms through the shoulder straps.
  2. Close the black hip belt at the level of the hip ridge. The belt should be tight, but still comfortable.
  3. Now close the shin buckle so that the kneecap is visible through the resulting gap between the gray elastomers.
  4. Place the calf strap around your calf above the ankle and connect the top end with the orange Velcro.
  5. Tighten all fasteners so that the knee/thigh connection and the shin plate cannot slip upwards. However, make sure that the exoskeleton is not uncomfortably tight.
  6. Finally, pull the elastomers forward until they lie smoothly against your buttocks and thighs. The ends of the elastomers can now be hooked onto the waist belt.


Before using the SoftExo, the manufacturer recommends checking the following:

  • Are all connections correctly and firmly engaged?
  • Are the elastomers and the calf straps fully enclosed by the Velcro?
  • Does the knee brace fit so that the closures are on the outside of each knee?
  • Is the calf strap the right length so that the knee cap skirts the kneecap?

To deactivate the SoftExo or turn off the support, loosen the hip straps. The back system can then be removed like a backpack. When taking it off, the knee-thigh attachment and the calf strap should also be released. When the SoftExo is not being worn, it is recommended to hang it on a hanger in a well-ventilated place.


The SoftExo passive exoskeleton is an extremely lightweight yet effective body-mounted lifting and carrying aid designed specifically for use in logistics and industry. It provides professionals with up to 21% of support when lifting and carrying loads, relieves up to 50% of strain on the body and promotes an ergonomic posture.


Despite advancing automation, manual handling of loads remains essential in many sectors. Whether in logistics, industrial companies, assembly activities, the construction industry, agriculture or the healthcare sector - high and prolonged stresses caused by heavy lifting pose a health risk that, in the worst case, can lead to incapacity to work. According to the German Trade Association (Berufsgenossenschaft Handel- und Warenwirtschaft), back pain is responsible for one in ten days of incapacity to work in Germany.


This is where the assistance system from HUNIC comes in preventively. The passive exoskeleton offers more safety at the workplace and provides sustainable support for occupational health management. The spring principle of the exoskeleton supports the leg and back muscles when lifting loads and promotes ergonomic movement. The system can be worn by people with a body weight of 50 to 140 kg, regardless of gender, and its versatile adjustment options allow for individual adaptation. All modules are easily replaceable and can be cleaned in the washing machine, which not only ensures hygiene but also protects the environment.


The optimized working posture reduces the forces acting on the back by up to 50% and distributes them evenly. This permanently relieves and protects the wearer's spine, joints and muscles. The tension of the leg support additionally adds up to 21% more strength when lifting. Wearing the SoftExo Lift improves individual lifting and carrying technique, resulting in lasting effects beyond the workday. Users tire less and are proven to make fewer mistakes at the end of the shift, resulting in increased productivity.


The innovation of the SoftExo consists of the patented back rail, which completely decouples the spine from additional load. As a result, no tensile forces are placed on the shoulders that could put additional strain on the intervertebral discs. The back splint provides haptic feedback to the user to maintain an ergonomic posture and provide anatomically ideal loading to the body. The inclusion of the knee joints allows for a guided and supported movement when squatting down to prevent pressure points on the thigh

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The tech startup Hunic was founded in 2017 by Jonas Mast in Baiersbronn and funded in a Companisto crowdfunding. In 2022, the team launched a renewed funding goal of EUR 300,000 on According to Hunic, the company's revenue has tripled since 2019 and is aiming for revenue growth of EUR one million in 2022.

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  • HUNIC Ltd.
  • Bergerweg 51
  • 72270 Baiersbronn

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