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Top 17+ Marketing Ideas / Tools for Exoskeleton Manufacturers

  1. If you use Linked Navigator and linkedinhelper dot com, you can use it to make automatic campaigns, where the bot write messages to people you want (for example to people with the same job title) and much more.
  2. Integrate Pixel in your website for retargeting visited website users and show them creative ads in their social media (meta, insta) or display ads (taboola).
  3. Use Orthexo for your Marketing. Get warm leads, sales lists (which companies visited the category site and your products), marketing badges for trust, direct contact buttons without lead fee and much more (write [email protected]).
  4. Use hunter.io and go on a website you like, activate the browser extension and see all email-addresses of the company (write them with „RE:“, so its looks like that you had a conversation before.
  5. You can make ppc ads in google ads for keywords of your competitor or other companies. So your ad will be shown when someone is searching for tools, automation, robotics and much more (put the brand into the keyword list).
  6. Delete all informational keywords from your keyword list. There are three types of user: Information (someone don´t know the topic and will inform, but is not close enough to make a purchase decision), Brand Search for Company Search and Transaction Search (someone will buy, like phrases „buy“, „lease“, „price“, „test“) or with geo „+ „town“. Further long term searches are close to a purchase like „back exoskeleton for logistics“. The CPA (Cost per Acquisition are higher but better purchase conversion).
  7. Use Trademark / fair ads with geo targeting: If there is a fair, you can do an ad, which will be shown in a small radius of x kilometers. You pin the ad to the fair area and of course, there will be scattering losses, but the most fair visitors will see your ad, when they drive home or make a break.
  8. Use Youtube Ads for content in your own bubble like short 15 seconds video ads before videos about tools, trucks and so on.
  9. Concentrate your marketing for Associations, IHK, and trade unions as multipliers.
  10. Get an offer from a company and do this 30 days again. Based on the offer number, you can see the number of offers within a month and determine the turnover with these.
  11. Use the Facebook Ad Library to see all ads from every company in meta and instagram.
  12.  List your product on amazon to promote your solution, but with a much higher price. I can give you some tricks to trick the A9 algorithm.
  13. Make cooperation with corporate and b2b influencers in the tool space.
  14. Use podcast advertisements, which are located in the logistic bubble. Or better: Start a podcast where you will interview logistic experts. So they will share the podcast in their own network, if you have not a high reach.
  15. Don’t invest too much in branding. Example: Try to draw the whats app logo. Most of you can´t, although we open the app several times a day. We perceive brands peripherally.
  16. Produce a short video with a sweepstake for logistics for example. Now you can take all likers to meta, create a Look-a-like-Audience and „say“ to meta: Show my ad to all people, who have got the same interests and jobs as this audience. Don’t do it with your own site because mostly the employees follow and it will not work the same.
  17. Create a short, video or podcast, but not with your own solutions! Instead of that you will to something like that: „The 12+ powerful must known technologies for logistics 2023“
  18. Create a tik tok competition: Upload shortcuts from your video content and say: Share it, the top three users, which has got the most views of these clips, will get 1.000 USD.
  19. Send empty packages to the plant / work manager with a short handwritten letter. „This box is empty like your queue of your applicants.“ or put energy bars in it with a letter „your employees will need extra power like our back exoskeleton…“.. because its not a letter, the post or secretary will pass it directly to the right person and will not open it. 

At least, these are not all tipps, just a brainstorming. The The holy grail is not the idea, but the execution. Best, tom 

Tom Illauer

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