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Orthexo Update: Solutions total now 110 exoskeletons: including 10 new solutions, eight new manufacturers + News: WearRAcon, Starting-Up Magazine & Startup Valley Magazine


We now have a total of 21.01.2023 110 Exoskeleton solutions listed on our platform. It is important to us that all solutions are also ISO certified and ready for the market, causally purchasable and commercially usable. We have only cut back on Russia and deactivated manufacturers from Russia. Of these, 51 are industrial exoskeletons, six military, four ski and 52 for rehab and medical use.

Interviews Founders:

In case you missed the interview from Startup Valley magazine, feel free to read again here the Article.

In March, we appear in the print edition with a circulation of 60,000 in Starting-Up magazine.


Thanks to our partner Straightwalk, we will present Orthexo on stage at WearRacon in New Orleans (USA).

New solutions:

We have recently listed solutions from the following manufacturers: BAMA, Cionic, ExoAtlet, Hexar, Newndra, Pedasys, Mawashi and AX-Lightness.


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