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Thorax: Bulletproof carbon exoskeleton from ax-lightness for military and emergency forces

Bulletproof & extremely lightweight carbon exoskeleton specially designed for emergency forces and industry.

Functions and advantages

Everything you need to know about the features and benefits of the Thorax: Bulletproof carbon exoskeleton from ax-lightness for military and emergency forces need to know.

The Thorax exoskeleton made of carbon is intended both for industry as a back relief, as well as specially developed for emergency forces such as firefighters, police officers and paramedics. The managing director of ax-lightness composites GmbH, which produces this solution in its own factories in Duderstadt (Germany), developed the product based on his own experience as a firefighter. The Thorax is available in five sizes, the smallest solution S weighing only 800 grams. It is used to stabilize the torso area. The price starts at 1,750 EUR and leasing is also possible.

The special feature of this solution is the "carbon" material, which not only makes the exoskeleton extremely lightweight, but also bulletproof. This means that emergency forces can benefit from it twice over. The material has a glass-fiber-reinforcing effect on the back due to the amaride and is therefore bulletproof. It is water and dust repellent. It reminds the body of the ideal posture. The thorax is not suitable for lying. The pads can be removed and it can be customized at several points. The Thorax is designed unisex, so women and men can both use it.

The big advantage is that you can wear the thorax under your clothes, so it is no longer noticeable.

Thorax has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 26800 by the Institut für Gesundheit und Ergonomie e.V. (IGR). DIN EN ISO 26800 represents the general approach to ergonomics and defines essential ergonomic principles and concepts. Ergonomics deals with human, technological, economic and organizational factors that influence the behavior, activities and well-being of people at work

  1. Shoulder straps
  2. Back guide
  3. Closures & Straps
  4. Braces
  5. Breastplate
  6. Pelvic brace

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Company information

Facts & Figures

AX Lightness GmbH was founded in 1999 near Bayreuth and is one of the market leaders for the production and manufacturing of carbon parts, including bicycles and more. All products are produced in Duderstadt in Germany in elaborate manual work with the help of high-tech machines. Industries: High-tech carbon components for the sports industry, automotive, motorsports and medical technology. 2023, the company has developed its first carbon exoskeleton called Thorax.

Company address

  • ax-lightness composites GmbH
  • Wide Anger 1
  • 37115 Duderstadt
  • Germany
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