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This exoskeleton is a dressable chair (T3N / already listed with us)

Anyone who stands a lot knows how wonderful it can be to sit down at some point. Even stones become heaven on earth when the muscles loosen and the body gradually relaxes.

The company Archelis has now developed something for people who have a standing job. The FX Stick is an exoskeleton that is designed to relieve people during work, for example when they stand for hours on an assembly line or at an operating table. The assistive suit is designed to protect against back pain and other physical stresses caused by standing for long periods of time.

The exoskeleton seamlessly supports the body in all positions and still allows the wearer to move freely, bend the knees and also sit down. The fully mechanical equipment does not require any electricity in the process. It is worn over the shoes and over the pants.

Easy to carry and comparatively cheap

The FX Stick, announced this week at CES, is a continuation of the ArchelisFX system, which was already a topic at last year's show. The new model is more flexible, 15 percent lighter and much faster to put on and take off. It is said to take just 16 seconds for the exoskeleton to fit perfectly and only nine seconds for it to be removed from the wearer's body.

With a price of around 3,000 US dollars, the exoskeleton is significantly cheaper than most of its electric competitors on the market, but neither a nurse nor a factory worker is likely to buy such a device. The target group here is clearly employers who want their employees to stay on their feet longer and prevent medical problems at the same time.

Source: This exoskeleton is a dressable chair ( (05.01.2022)

Tom Illauer

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