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Smart SafetyVest from German Bionic: Safety vest & dashboard to obtain ergonomics data.

Gain access to valuable insights with the Smart SafetyVest, an advanced PPE garment that uses smart sensors to sense and report workplace ergonomics and productivity.

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Functions and advantages

Everything you need to know about the features and benefits of the Smart SafetyVest™ from German Bionic: Intelligent safety vest for indenification of ergonomic risks need to know.

German Bionic's Smart SafetyVest combines cutting-edge sensor technology and AI to enable data-based, ergonomic analyses, evaluations and recommendations for action at the click of a mouse or the tap of a finger. In addition to individual workplace analyses, the wearable can identify ergonomic risks as well as potential for improvement and thus reduce signs of fatigue and injuries, which can sometimes lead to high levels of sick leave and absenteeism - regardless of the type of activity performed.


Smart Safety Companion revolutionizes workplace ergonomics and helps combat fatigue and resulting errors:


  • Immediate notification of harmful loads, critical repetitions, risky movements and poor posture (via digital twin)
  • Intelligently detects and warns of symptoms and extent of fatigue to avoid critical overloads
  • Demonstrates proper posture and lifting practices
    in real time on
  • Gives sensible break recommendations
  • Suggests quick and easy stretching exercises to keep workers healthy and productive
  • Extensive reporting functions for immediate overviews of the effect of the implemented occupational health and safety measures

FAQ - Frequently asked questions


Comprehensive reports on compliance with ESG monitoring requirements.



Similar to your traditional safety work vest, this washable vest is available in sizes XS-XL to comfortably outfit your employees.



Cloud-based installation with unlimited expansion to equip your entire team.



The smart sensor fits into the special pocket in the vest and collects the individualized data throughout the workday without requiring any extra steps in your workflow.

German Bionic IO is at the core of all biotelematic data collected from your devices, providing ergonomics, safety and workplace insights. Use it as a tool to enable and monitor your ongoing workplace safety practices. Get information on equipment operating hours, weight balance, elevators and steps from each shift. Showcase the value and ROI of your new solution through the custom dashboards.Identify the ergonomic risk factors associated with your team. Make targeted safety adjustments that offer the greatest potential for improvement.Identify and resolve bottlenecks and other workflow issues to support process optimization, efficiency and profitability.




UNIFORM PLAggregates data across all your German Bionic devices to provide custom workplace dashboardsATTFORM




Clear and easy-to-read reports on performance, ergonomics and equipment usage




Look at KPIs that are key to your security ecosystem. Identify potential discrepancies that require mediation




Ensure compliance with data protection laws with non-identifiable data

At the heart of the innovations presented at CES 2023 is the pioneering cloud-based platform German Bionic IO. It makes occupational safety and health protection not only measurable, but also vivid. The system analyzes the data collected by Apogee, Cray X and Smart SafetyVest, continuously learns through machine learning and AI, and improves the respective safety measures with every movement of the wearer. In this way, the respective risks, trends and process optimizations can be determined, tailored to the work environment and the device used. With the Smart Safety Companion ergonomics early warning system, which indicates, for example, incorrect posture, incorrect lifting or excessive loads, the German Bionic IO platform offers comprehensive monitoring and reporting functions as well as individualized recommendations for action based on real, practice-relevant real-time data.




Immediate notification of unfavorable loads, critical repetitions, risky movements, incorrect postures (via digital twin)




Intelligently detects and warns of symptoms and fatigue conditions to prevent critical overloads, errors and injuries


Expert Tips


Suggests ergonomic tips and recommendations to keep workers healthy and productive




Highlights good posture and lifting practices in real time

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Company information

Facts & Figures

German Bionic is a European robotics company that develops and manufactures intelligent exoskeletons and wearable technologies. German Bionic is the first company in the world to create a networked exoskeleton for the working world that supports self-learning AI-based lifting movements and prevents incorrect posture. German Bionic has received numerous awards for this innovative technology, which puts people back in the focus of Industry 4.0, including the CES 2023 "Best of Innovation" Award, the Fast Company "Innovation by Design" Award, the German Founder's Prize, and a nomination for the prestigious Hermes Award at Hannover Messe. German Bionic is headquartered in Germany and the U.S., with offices in Berlin, Boston, Augsburg and Tokyo. The company has won the following awards: CES 2023 Innovation Awards: "Best of Innovation" ,Fast Company Innovation By Design Awards 2022, Elections de la Tech @ VivaTech 2022, Product of the Year 2022 Computer&Automation, Good Design Award 2020, German Entrepreneur Award 2019, Bavarian Entrepreneur Award 2019, Automatica Award 2018, Hermes Award 2018. German Bionic has raised a total of $48.4 million in 4 rounds of financing. The latest funding was raised on December 21, 2022 in a debt financing round. German Bionic is funded by 10 investors. The European Investment Bank and IT Farm are the most recent investors.

Company address

  • German Bionic Systems GmbH
  • August-Wessels Street 23
  • 86156 Augsburg
  • Germany
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