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SiYi Intelligence raises nearly $15 million in Series A funding

SiYi Intelligence, a provider of intelligent rehabilitation solutions, has closed a Series A financing of nearly $15 million . This round was led by Chengdu Bio-town Equity Investment Fund with participation from existing investor Tao Capital. The company plans to use the funding to accelerate the research and development of neurorehabilitation integration solutions and build the digital rehabilitation services platform.

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SiYi's intelligence leadership team consists of doctors and masters from top universities such as Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Harbin Institute of Technology and Jilin University; Most of them have over 10 years of experience in the robotics, healthcare and rehabilitation industry. With industrial system thinking and multidisciplinary know-how, SiYi has developed a series of professional rehabilitation robots for scientific research and clinical and family use. They have launched a globally successful product - SYREBO® soft robotic hand rehabilitation glove, EasyWalk exoskeleton walking suit for lower limb augmentation, EEG-based assistive BCIs and A2 upper limb rehabilitation robot SYREBO® for clinical and home use.

In order to accelerate the implementation and verification of clinical rehabilitation theory, SiYi has carried out intensive cooperation with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Tohoku University in Japan , Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital (RBH) in the UK, Manus Brescia Rehabilitation Centre in Italy and Hong Kong ShaTin Hospital and other international academic and medical institutions. By 2022, the company has more than 30 authorized patents, more than 50 registered trademarks and more than 10 software copyrights. It has also been awarded as "National High-Tech Enterprise", "Shanghai Patent Work Pilot Unit" and "Shanghai Pudong New Area Recognized Research and Development Institution".

"As an innovative company focusing on rehabilitation robotics, we are aware of the existing social problems in the rehabilitation industry, such as we adhere to the vision of "making everyone enjoy innovative rehabilitation services" to develop innovative professional rehabilitation robots that are affordable and effective for all. Fortunately, our products have found their way into over 3,000 medical units, serving millions of patients around the world. It is also fortunate that we have met investors with similar ambitions to help us accelerate the innovation and development of integrated neurological rehabilitation solutions and build a digital rehabilitation services platform to collectively lead the rehabilitation industry to a brighter future," said erGavin Yin , founder and CEO of SiYi Intelligence.

"SiYi Intelligence has a comprehensive team with rich experience in rehabilitation and robotics technology; they have a deep understanding of the industry and a wealth of patent achievements in the technical field. Their products have also reached a wide market. We look forward to SiYi launching more innovative rehabilitation products to provide patients with more choices and better services," said the investment team of Chengdu Bio-town Equity Investment Fund.

"With hand rehabilitation service as the entry point, SiYi Intelligence is constantly expanding its product line and services. Their integration rehabilitation platform, covering the whole cycle of clinic, community and family, has remarkable features and industry differentiation," said Dafeng Zhang, chairman of Tao Capital. "We strongly believe in SiYi and continue to invest in it. The rehabilitation system in China is undergoing a transformation, and SiYi has created a new force in the industry through innovative technologies and business models. Going forward, we look forward to exploring a better future for the rehabilitation industry and create stronger social value together with SiYi Intelligence."

About SiYi Intelligence

Founded in 2017, SiYi Intelligence specializes in the design, development and commercialization of innovative rehabilitation solutions. SiYi is a leader in expertise and technology, providing best-in-class products and reliable services for both clinical and home/community use. Our portfolio includes the SYREBO® soft robotic hand rehabilitation glove, EasyWalk exoskeleton walking suit for lower limb augmentation, EEG-based assistive BCIs, and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation devices and accessories, etc. By utilizing an extensive distribution network, our products have been marketed worldwide over 80 countries and regions, serving a huge customer base of 3000 clinics and 50,000 households. Combining avant-garde technology, ease of use and affordability.

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