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S700 active overhead exoskeleton from ExoIQ

Up to 5 kg more strength per arm for overhead activities. With app and evaluations.

Industry sectors

  • Logistics
  • Mounting
  • Craft

Functions and advantages

Everything you need to know about the features and benefits of the S700 Overhead Exoskeleton from ExoIQ need to know.

The S700 exoskeleton is quick and easy to put on and take off in seconds and can be customized for different users thanks to tool-free sizing. It is fastened like a backpack with hip and chest straps. The handles are easily accessible and simple to attach thanks to the magnetic grips. After the device is equipped, users only need to remember three numbers: back length marker, shoulder width marker and arm length marker. Worker strain is reduced by the support force of the active exoskeleton. Redirection and increased power increase accuracy and reduce errors due to physical fatigue. Muscles in the shoulders, arms and neck are relieved. The S700 features an interchangeable textile system that allows the company to provide each worker with their own set of textiles to ensure hygienic use. The quick-change system makes switching between multiple employees a breeze. The textile is washable.

  • Adjustable force support according to individual needs by means of remote control on the shoulder
  • Shoulder kinematics provide natural freedom of movement in all 360 directions
  • The sizes can be quickly adjusted without tools. This allows several people to share one exoskeleton
  • Donning and doffing takes less than 30 seconds
  • Drive: pneumatic
  • Support capacity: up to 5 kg per arm
  • Battery system: compatible with almost all Festool 18V system battery packs (BP 18 Li)
  • Running time with a 4.0 Ah battery, depending on the working dynamics, up to 6 hours
  • Number of memory locations for presets on the exoskeleton: 4
  • Exchange/addition of further presets: yes, via app
  • Support performance evaluation function: yes, via app
  • Tool-less adjustment to different user ends: yes
  • Adjustable to body heights from: 1.65 to 2.05 m
  • Adjustment range back length: 15 cm
  • Adjustment range width: 14 cm
  • Adjustment range arm length: 10 cm
  • Quick release system for the straps: yes
  • Weight excl. battery: 7.4 kg

The S700 shoulder exoskeleton provides up to 5 kg of force support per arm for overhead and chest level activities. The use of this exoskeleton in production and manufacturing environments facilitates work and reduces errors, resulting in higher quality. The use of exoskeletons helps companies maintain employee performance, which is a critical success factor. Companies can future-proof themselves by using exoskeletons as a solution to the skills shortage. The Shoulder Exoskeleton S700 can be used in a variety of applications and is easy to put on. The S700's technical specifications and features provide individualized support and allow for natural freedom of movement. Frequently asked questions revolve around the availability, propulsion, freedom of movement, compatibility with other tools and weight of the exoskeleton. The exoIQApp allows users to identify areas of use, visualize the benefits and select new presets.


The S700 overhead exoskeleton from ExoIQ is specifically designed for industrial use. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and focuses on relieving stress on the upper body, especially the shoulders, neck and arms. The exoskeleton allows overhead and frontal movements. It requires power to operate, but does not offer AI support. Weighing 7.4 kg, it is robust yet comfortable. The exoskeleton fits users with a height of 165 to 205 cm and is suitable for use on machines. However, it is not suitable for driving forklifts or vans and does not allow sitting on a chair. The exoskeleton is dust resistant and can be used at a maximum temperature of 40 degrees. The retail price is 3500 euros net, and the sale is in Europe. The minimum purchase is 1 piece. Regular maintenance is required to ensure optimal performance. The exoskeleton can lift a maximum weight of 5 kg per arm. The manufacturer is headquartered and produces in Germany. It has a CE marking. The exoskeleton has a warranty of 1 year. The battery charging time is 0.5 hours, and the battery has a shelf life of 6 hours.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

The S700 was presented to the public for the first time at Automatica 2022. Production will start in the 1st quarter of 2023 and the shoulder exoskeleton will then be available. A demonstration at your site is already possible now. Please feel free to contact our sales department for an appointment. From October 2022, the 5700 will be used in practical tests at selected industrial companies in Germany. The Shoulder Exoskeleton 5700 is developed and manufactured in Germany. The production site is Illertissen in Bavaria.

The S700 generates the additional force by means of pneumatics. This is generated by a battery-powered compressor.

Intelligent control and adjustable actuators weigh more than passive systems. Like a load backpack, this extra weight is transferred to the hip belt and supported by the strong leg muscles. In contrast to passive, mechanical aids, the S700 not only stores force, but also provides the user with additional strength in the arms, which makes the additional weight on the back seem secondary.

In addition to the exoskeleton, the ExoIQ application was also developed. The application allows you to analyze and evaluate your workplace via video. The current force application is displayed and posture information such as load weight, angle, density, duration and more are evaluated based on an ergonomic screening process. The ExoIQ app is free and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play. You don't need an exoskeleton to analyze a video workshop, just a smartphone or tablet camera. The ergonomics assessment was created by sports scientists at Helmut Schmidt University and is based on the ergonomics lists and assessment methods recognized by the DGUV and the IFA. With the ExolQ app, companies can access assessment areas and application reports. Reports show which activities the exoskeleton supports and which areas need to be reconfigured. But even those without an S700 can take advantage of an interesting feature. Video position recognition technology can be used to record and analyze the physical activities of manufacturing and production. In this way, the applicability or expected release of the exoskeleton can be assessed before extensive testing is performed. For the first time, the Exolo app provides clinicians and ergonomists with a live workplace assessment so they can identify the steps of primary and secondary activities in a time-normalized representation. Automatic reporting captures information about the weight, angle, frequency and duration of the load removed. The weight of the load being carried depends on the carrier group and the task being performed. The ExoIQ app allows you to record and document your work with the exoskeleton. An automatically generated report accurately shows the user's movements and the support provided by the S700. This makes ergonomic workplace analysis much easier. All recordings are saved locally on your own device.

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S700 test report: Orthexo tests the S700 overhead exoskeleton from ExoIQ

On 07/28/2023, the Orthexo team tested the active overhead exoskeleton called S700 from ExoIQ on site in Hamburg, Germany. It is the world's first mass producible active overhead exoskeleton. This means that the S700 actively supports the upper body area using battery-powered pneumatics. It is therefore different from passive, non-power-based exoskeletons. Our expectation, due to the active support, was that the S700 must be very large, but this is clearly not the case. The size is hardly different from passive overhead exoskeletons. The design is kept very slim and modern. From our point of view, the design was hit very well, because you can see almost no mechanics and screws. This really makes it look like an entire covered unit. The S700 weighs about 6.5 kg, which is no heavier than any other solution. Each arm supports up to about 5 kg of weight. The S700 comes with two batteries (Festool), which can be changed in seconds. One battery lasts about four to six hours. This means that the S700 can be used all day, even if this is not the actual intention of an exoskeleton. Charging takes less than 30 minutes per battery. The S700 is splash water as well as dust resistant. The latter is extremely important, as the S700 is primarily designed for construction sites, tradesmen, painters, electricians, drywallers and glass cleaners (and similar professional activities). It really is lighter than expected and after a few minutes you don't notice the weight anymore. Furthermore, a lot of attention was paid to body balance during the development. You can turn around your own axis or bend forward without any problems without losing your balance. It takes about two minutes to put on. After training, putting on is possible in 15 seconds.

Furthermore, the solution can be easily worn over clothing. The straps on the arms and abdomen and chest are very easy to tighten. The magnetic holder ensures a supportive tightening of the arm cuffs. The arms are not "tied up". There is enough air in between and therefore does not ensure that the sweater is pulled up or down again and again during use. The back is barely covered, as seen in the photos. Body contact with textile supports always ensure sweating. This is especially the case in the back. Therefore, the S700 was designed to be backless, meaning there is virtually no lower back contact. The textile can be quickly removed and washed at 60 % for hygiene. A laundry bag is included in the delivery. The S700 can be easily adjusted to different sizes (about 160 to 200 cm) with three to five simple adjustments and is designed unisex. The entire set is delivered (see photos) in a large box to prevent damage to the S700. We could imagine that the transport box is modified again, because two to three solutions in a van on the way to work including work materials can quickly exceed the transport volume. However, it provides a stable hold during transport and is therefore virtually impossible to damage. When activated on the switch (see photos), the compressor starts. This is very unusual when testing an active pneumatic solution for the first time. However, compared to the machines used in drywall construction, this is nothing and therefore not bad at all. The other noises on a construction site are a hundred times louder. The compressor works for about 30 seconds and not permanently, but only if you bring the arms back to the starting position too often. If one works actively overhead and that for a longer time, the compressor does not have to work permanently. With the operation, one has five levels to choose from. So you can select the set up more for frontal activities or, for example, for lifting activities upwards. The pre-sets can thus be programmed for different activities, thus different force angles are called up. The sets can even be customized by the ExoIQ if desired. The big "pause" button disables the S700, so you can quickly switch between activities without taking the S700 off. We also tried out sitting (is possible) and kneeling (is also possible). What we were also excited about is the fall sensors. This means that the device notices when you fall forward and deactivates itself so that your arms are not actively controlled.


What we particularly like:


  1. The ball joints stand out from other solutions and hardly disturb the ergonomics at all. It is like not wearing an exoskeleton.
  2. It was developed close to the practice. You can wear a tool belt or the handle on the textile hip belt, you can go to the toilet, you can sit and you can have your phone in your pocket without the solution bothering me in my professional life.
  3. The S700 scores with its active support. You immediately notice the weight and ergonomics relief. This cannot be compared with passive solutions. Imagine holding a drill in your hand and resting your arm in the air at chest level in "nothing" without bearing the weight of the drill.

The strong support, design, ball joints, pre-sets and price really make it stand out. Orthexo says "An absolutely great product for craftsmen, drywallers, painters and glass cleaners".

Company information

Facts & Figures

exoIQ GmbH was founded in Hamburg in 2017 and develops intelligently designed support systems. The roots lie in a university research project at the Helmut Schmidt University, where research on exoskeletons has been conducted since 2014. The aim of the activities is to relieve people of strenuous, physical activities and thus change the future of work. Currently in 2022, the company employs 20 people. ExoIQ is a company of the TTS Tooltechnic Systems Group and can therefore draw on know-how from other sister companies such as Festool, Cleantec and Tanos.

Company address

  • exoIQ GmbH
  • Jaffa Street 12
  • 21109 Hamburg

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