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Post / Study on the use of exoskeletons.

Linkedin post by: Reifen-Müller, Georg Müller GmbH & CO. KG

"To kick off the new year - for which we wish you all nothing but the best - we would like to venture a brief look back at the past year. 🥸

Since April of last year, heavyweights have been made significantly lighter at our company. Since then, we have been using an exoskeleton in our operations as part of a long-term test.
The Cray X of the manufacturer German Bionic relieves the lower back of our colleagues per lifting operation with a weight compensation of up to 30 kg. 💪
In the meantime, our colleagues at the Berlin-Spandau site have been able to optimize their work processes to such an extent that the Cray X can be used almost optimally for many jobs that arise, starting with the heavy activities in our wheel hotel in the course of preparing for the next wheel change, through the mounting of tires and the balancing process to the mounting of the wheels on the vehicle.

Would you like to know a few key facts?
🏋️♀️ In the period from mid-April to the end of December 2022, the exoskeleton removed an incredible 92.7 tons (92,700 kilograms!!!) from our colleagues.
🏋️ During the same period, our colleagues were supported by the Cray X in approximately 9,700 erections.
🏋️♂️ In the aforementioned period, the Cray X completed 212,800 steps on the backs of our colleagues.
🏋️♀️ These values have been achieved in 136.8 hours of wearing time, in total less than one working month (for a 40-hour week).

It is hard to imagine the values that can be achieved if we manage to optimize our workflows even further and thus significantly increase the carrying time per colleg:in ...

An essential fact is that the colleagues have a lot of fun at work even with the skeleton (or thanks to it). While wearing the Cray X, they feel a bit like Optimus Prime, Bumblebee or one of the other Transformers. 🤣"

Source: (10.01.2022; Reifen-Müller, Georg Müller GmbH & CO. KG)

Tom Illauer

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