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Mubea takes over construction of smart German-Bionic exoskeletons

"Intelligent" power suits are the métier of German Bionic. Now the Augsburg-based company is working together with automotive supplier Mubea from Attendorn. Here's what's behind it ...

German Bionic, a leader in the development of "intelligent" robotic-assisted power suits (exoskeletons) such as the Cray X, and German automotive supplier Mubea are now collaborating intensively. Indeed, Mubea, with its 44 sites in 20 countries, specializes in the development and manufacture of lightweight products and manufacturing technology. Through this expertise and with its entry into exoskeleton production, Mubea is now opening up a new future field in the micromobility sector, whose market volume is estimated at around 12.5 billion US dollars by 2030.

Increasing demand for exoskeletons is assured

At the beginning of the year, German Bionic already launched the fifth generation of the robotic exoskeleton Cray Xwas presented at the CES in Las Vegas. Since then, the Augsburg-based company has continued to grow steadily in North America. With additional locations in Japan and, more recently, in the UK, the company is also focusing on western industrialized countries that are suffering from a structural shortage of skilled workers for demographic reasons, which particularly affects areas with a lot of manual work. There, the "intelligent" power suits are designed to protect against overload and prevent associated illnesses and injuries. Demand for German Bionic's exoskeletons is therefore currently particularly high in so-called system-critical infrastructures, such as in the Logistics, in production, but also in the care sector. Mubea is now to help meet the growing demand for the next few years as well.

Source: Mubea takes over construction of smart German-Bionic exoskeletons ( (17.10.2022)

Tom Illauer

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