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Lagermax Logistics tests exoskeleton at Salzburg site

Lagermax Logistics Austria GmbH is testing the use of exoskeletons in warehousing at its logistics site in Salzburg. At the beginning of September, several employees were equipped with the new technical aids. The exoskeletons are intended to support employees in their physical work and thus provide relief in everyday work.

Experience values under real conditions

The task now is to find out in an initial test phase how the application can be used practically and efficiently in everyday life. "We hope that the exoskeletons will make life easier for our employees. The optimal support of the upper body relieves the back and prevents health-damaging overloads as well as accidents at work", Michael Macheiner, Managing Director of Lagermax Logistics Austria GmbH, is convinced of the acquisition. During the test phase, the focus will be on loading and unloading operations in the cargo handling area, as this is naturally where the greatest strain is placed on the body. Each exoskeleton can be easily adapted to different body shapes and automatically follows the individual movements of the user.

Equipped for the future

In view of the steadily increasing customer volumes in the handling and logistics sector, the acquisition of the exoskeletons provides another important building block within Lagermax Logistics Austria to create significant physical relief for its employees and prevent health problems.

Fact Box - Lagermax Group

With 55 of its own locations in 12 European countries - Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and Turkey - Lagermax Group offers a sophisticated distribution network for all customer requirements. Lagermax Group generated total sales of 545 million euros in 2021 and employs over 3,450 people.

Source: Lagermax Logistics tests exoskeleton at Salzburg location | Lagermax Lagerhaus und Speditions AG, 21.09.2022 ( (17.10.2022)

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