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The Hypershell is an AI-powered exoskeleton designed specifically for outdoor activities (Kickstarter campaign).

Even the most extreme adventurers have their limits. For us mere mortals, hiking may be an activity we love, whether or not we're in the right physical condition to walk for hours (and miles) into the wilderness . While walking and hiking can have fantastic health benefits, the actual experiential side of the activity has a definite value that many of us must miss from time to time.

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Now there's a device that can help us go the extra miles without putting unwanted strain on our bodies. Hypershell Pro is an AI-powered exoskeleton that serves as an ergonomic aid around our lower back and legs to push us to our limits during outdoor excursions . The device offloads about 66 pounds from our bodies and uses some of the most advanced robotics available to get the job done, with a 100-Wh high-polymer lithium battery that gives us an additional 16 miles of use on a single charge. 

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With 1 horsepower of power, the Hypershell can also reach speeds of up to 12 miles per hour with 9 adaptive co-pilot modes. Weighing just 4 pounds, it also folds up nicely to fit in most backpacks, and its IP54 weatherproof rating ensures it can withstand most outdoor conditions.

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Hypershell Pro is currently funded on Kickstarter until April 6 and can be yours for the early bird price of HK $ 3,129 (~ $ 399), with the lower Hypershell Go option also available.

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Source: Hypershell: 1 Horsepower Exoskeleton for Everyday Adventure by Hypershell - Kickstarter.

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