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High-tech for the back: Kleyling tests exoskeletons from Ottobock!

How can we reduce the physical strain on our employees in the warehouse and thus increase well-being? Kleyling Spedition has asked itself this question and is now looking for a possible answer in exoskeletons from the medical technology company Ottobock.

Within the scope of a two-week test phase, two energy-saving models were tested at the Breisach branch for various warehouse activities. It was hoped that the technical assistance would be of particular benefit for picking and lifting activities, and this was confirmed after just a few days of testing. "Particularly when lifting goods, the scaffold relieves you very well. Even if you have to get used to carrying it at first." reports Felix from the Kleyling logistics warehouse.

The exoskeletons can achieve a reduction in spinal load of up to 15kg. The energy generated during the downward bending movement is stored mechanically and returned upward during the lifting movement, so that the relief is particularly effective when lifting heavy weights.

The two Kleyling employees who used the exoskeletons for 10 days evaluated their use on a daily basis. The feedback on the relief was predominantly positive, as was the wearing comfort with minor restrictions. The handling of the exoskeleton in the forklift and the strain on the leg muscles were rated as requiring some getting used to. All positive and negative aspects will now be included in the final evaluation. We can be curious to see whether exoskeletons will be used at Kleyling in the future and whether they can make a positive contribution to health during order picking activities.

Source: High-tech for the back: Kleyling tests exoskeletons from Ottobock! :: kleyling forwarding (23.01.2023)

Tom Illauer

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