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German Bionic presents three new products / solutions (Apogee, Smart Safety Vest and Data Insight Platform)

New Products:

Apogee Power Suit: intelligent robotic exoskeleton for the working world

The compellingly designed, AI-based Apogee is the latest generation of intelligent robotic wearable tools from German Bionic. The exoskeleton is even lighter and more comfortable than its predecessors and opens up additional areas of application. The dust- and waterproof power suit ensures greater safety in the workplace by relieving the lower back of up to 30 kilograms during every lifting movement and minimizing fatigue with active walking support. The Apogee can be easily integrated into work processes and is immediately effective wherever heavy lifting and carrying are part of everyday work, such as in logistics, production or even healthcare.

Smart Safety Vest: ergonomic protection for all - as simple as possible

German Bionic's Smart SafetyVest combines cutting-edge sensor technology and AI to enable data-based, ergonomic analyses, evaluations and recommendations for action at the click of a mouse or the tap of a finger. In addition to individual workplace analyses, the wearable can identify ergonomic risks as well as potential for improvement and thus reduce signs of fatigue and injuries, which can sometimes lead to high levels of sick leave and absenteeism - regardless of the type of activity performed.

German Bionic IO: the first ergonomics data platform for the workplace

At the heart of the innovations presented at CES 2023 is the pioneering cloud-based platform German Bionic IO. It makes occupational safety and health protection not only measurable, but also vivid. The system analyzes the data collected by Apogee, Cray X and Smart SafetyVest, continuously learns through machine learning and AI, and improves the respective safety measures with every movement of the wearer. In this way, the respective risks, trends and process optimizations can be determined, tailored to the work environment and the device used. With the Smart Safety Companion ergonomics early warning system, which indicates, for example, incorrect posture, incorrect lifting or excessive loads, the German Bionic IO platform offers comprehensive monitoring and reporting functions as well as individualized recommendations for action based on real, practice-relevant real-time data.

"Our new wearables now give hardworking people the right tools to perform their jobs more safely and therefore more sustainably. With our two new ergonomic wearables Apogee and Smart SafetyVest, as well as our well-proven exoskeleton Cray X, we can now provide the right support for almost every company and every work environment where manual work is performed, and with the German Bionic IO data platform, a powerful analysis tool," says Norma Steller, CPO of German Bionic

Source: German Bionic: Winner of the Best of Innovation Award at CES 2023 presented ... | Press Portal (02.01.2023)

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