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From startup to industry pioneer: success story of exoskeleton manufacturer HUNIC continues

(PresseBox) (Baiersbronn, 25.10.2022) 

With its SoftExoskeletons, HUNIC supports physically hard-working people. The support systems have already been able to make the everyday working lives of hundreds of people easier. With a crowdinvesting campaign, the company now wants to further develop its international presence.

More health, more safety, more motivation at work - HUNIC has been working towards these goals since its foundation in December 2017. Already in 2018, the Black Forest-based company presented its first product, the SoftExo Lift. The passive exoskeleton supports and relieves physically hard-working people and was developed specifically for use in the workplace. The body-worn support system can be put on similar to a backpack. By redistributing forces, it relieves the strain on its wearer and provides support during lifting and carrying activities.

Despite ongoing automation, manual handling of loads will still be necessary in many areas in the future. In this context, high and long-lasting loads, such as those caused by repeated heavy lifting, pose a health risk for employees. This is precisely where the assistance system from HUNIC can come into play and ensure greater safety at work.

Under the influence of our own experience and customer feedback, the SoftExo Lift has been continuously developed. The system is now available in its fifth generation and offers even more comfort and effectiveness. Over the past two years, HUNIC has also developed and launched three additional products. These are industry-specific solutions, for example to support employees in parcel delivery or in the healthcare sector.

Today, HUNIC is considered a pioneer in the field of textile exoskeletons. With distributors in various countries, the company now sells its products beyond the borders of Germany. In order to open up new business areas and find additional partners in the international arena, HUNIC is now relying on a crowdinvesting campaign. Via the platform CONDA (…), private investors have the opportunity to invest in the company and profit from its success. In this way, HUNIC wants to make its vision of ergonomic workplaces of the future a reality worldwide.

Source: From startup to industry pioneer: Success story of exoskeleton manufacturer HUNIC continues, HUNIC GmbH, Press release - PresseBox (22.10.2022)

Tom Illauer

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