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First test trials with H-Trius exoskeletons started

A trial with "exoskeletons" has started at DRW

Date: 23. November 2022, 10:17 Clock

Ursberg/November 2022 - Exoskeleton - that sounds a bit like a new episode of Iron Man, who can fly in his armor of steel and is virtually invulnerable.

Our exoskeletons, however, which we have been trying out this week with employees from our nursing and crafts departments, do not have any supernatural powers. But they are intended to give their wearers additional stability for their backs, which are sometimes under a lot of strain at work.

In a test phase lasting several weeks, we will see how our employees in various areas of the DRW get along with the easy-to-wear exoskeleton. After all, it is supposed to reduce around 86 % of back muscle fatigue.

In the photo you can see our brave test subjects, who had the head of the development company Htrius GmbH Dominik Heinzelmann explain to them how to put on the exoskeleton and how to adjust it so that it is best set for the respective activity. An evaluation of the test wear will take place in December.

11/23/2022: Source Health care: How can employees in care and crafts relieve their backs? (

Tom Illauer

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