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ExyOne Shoulder from Exy Exoesqueletos Industriais

Launched in 2019, the ExyOne Shoulder is an exoskeleton for the upper limbs (arms, shoulders and upper back, with additional spinal protection) that does not require a battery or electricity.

Functions and advantages

Everything you need to know about the features and benefits of the ExyOne Shoulder from Exy Exoesqueletos Industriais need to know.

  • ExyONE reduces the load on arms, shoulders and upper back by about 8 kilos and supports raised arms between 15 ° and 110 °.
  • Certified by application test in automotive/metal mechanical industry, foundry, AGRO, construction, aviation, maintenance, logistics, etc.
  • ExyONE is not recommended for handling loads that exceed ergonomic standards, nor can it be used in confined workplaces or in workplaces where its functions pose a high risk of danger to workers.

Easy to use:


The workers can put on and take off this equipment themselves without any help. Usually they can do this very quickly (in about 20 minutes).


Fatigue reduction


ExyOne is able to reduce worker fatigue by -40 % and provide comfort, plus the equipment reduces LER/DORT accident risk.




Designed to ensure safety for users, with quick release systems in all parts that come into contact with the worker's body.




ExyOne weighs approximately 3.8 kilos and requires no batteries or power backup. Hygiene Interchangeable parts with user contact for cleaning/replacement (these interchangeable parts allow many workers to share the same equipment).

  • M/L equipment is designed to fit workers with a height of about 1.68 m and can be adjusted with a few adjustment points (easy for the user)
  • As a competitive advantage, our Brazilian-made design and local production reduce purchase and maintenance costs (12 months warranty)
  • Mechanical equipment, without requirement of batteries or electricity, which can be used around the clock (multi-shift) in the workshop.
  • Weight from 3.8 kg, as special version for use as flame retardant or for use in welding work (resistant to molten metals)
  • 4-stage force regulation for better adaptation to the activity/user. The device keeps the movement of the trunk (rotation), arms and shoulders free
  • Developed based on biomechanical and scientific data and tested by electromyography in the UTFPR laboratories
  • The Connected version provides information on device data (hour meter), maintenance and also user information such as operating hours, arm elevation angle, etc.

ExyOne: exoskeleton for the upper limbs, with 8 kg, reduces the load on the arms and shoulders and supports them at a certain height and inclination. The device was developed with the aim of being one of the lightest on the market (2.5 kg). Exy is a startup that has been developing national exoskeletons and exovestibles since 2018. ExyOne Shoulder is designed for a wide range of applications. Its unique design allows it to fit a variety of and was designed to be worn comfortably by both genders. Gender. In addition to the various settings that EXYONE Shoulder offers, it is possible to adjust the its vertical support force is adjusted according to the activity and the needs of the operator. Activity and the operator. The holding force acts from an angle of 0º (arm is vertical) to an angle of 90º. up to the 90º angle. The v1.3 model has a maximum working angle of up to 120º, but we do not recommend its use for more than 90º. EXYONE shoulder arms have the possibility of adjustment in three force levels: Regulation 1 (lowest vertical support force), Setting 2 (average vertical support force) Setting 3 (highest possible vertical support force). Setting 4 (maximum possible vertical support force). The values of the support force for each setting vary with the angle of the arm's elevation and depending on the model of the device.

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Company information

Facts & Figures

Exy is a startup founded in 2018 in Curitiba, Paraná state, Brazil. Exy is the market leader in Brazil and has customers such as ThyssenKrupp and Honda.

Company address

  • Exy Exoesqueletos industriais
  • Rua Senador Accioly Filho, 298
  • Cidade Industrial de Curitiba

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