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Self-balancing Atalante X exoskeleton from Wandercraft for free hands

It allows you to perform exercises to strengthen the lower limbs, trunk and upper limbs. Atalante is the ideal device for multitasking and cognitive participation.

Your three tangible benefits:

  • Upright training is made possible
  • Self-balancing
  • Multidirectional locomotion

Functions and advantages

Everything you need to know about the features and benefits of the Self-balancing Atalante X exoskeleton from Wandercraft for free hands need to know.


Self-balancing for hands-free movement:


Atalante enables multitasking and cognitive involvement as part of your treatment through its innovative self-balancing feature. Innovative self-balancing allows you to multitask and cognitive involvement as part of your treatment.


Dynamic verticalization for early treatment


The system promotes early management of patients with severe gait disorders and helps them take their first steps with a self-stabilizing gait pattern. The first applications of Atalante X will help your patients feel more confident and transition to a more natural gait pattern. By starting with a small-step gait, your patients will soon trust Atalante X and transition to a better gait pattern.


Active gait to increase the intensity


Atalante X offers you the possibility to provide symmetrical or asymmetrical support to your patients. Atalante X is the perfect solution for your patient to receive the optimal care. Start with 100%igen support and increase the intensity and dose as the patient develops.


Multidirectional locomotion for task orientation


Atalante X automatically generates optimized and realistic walking kinematics adapted to each patient's body type and abilities.

Movement patterns:
  • Side steps
  • Backward steps
  • Full turns
  • Directional control
The Atalante X exoskeleton is intended for adults with the following limitations:
  • Complete motor paraplegia,
  • Motor incomplete paraplegia,
  • Hemiplegia due to cerebrovascular accident
  • Another acquired brain injury

Wandercraft's self-balancing Atalante X exoskeleton is a medical exoskeleton designed specifically for indoor use. It focuses on the abdomen and hips and provides support for the legs and torso. With this exoskeleton, the user can stand, walk and run. The exoskeleton weighs 80 kg and uses AI technology to maintain balance. It is suitable for people with a height of 160 to 190 cm and can also be used on a chair. It is slightly water resistant and can be used in temperatures up to 35 degrees. The retail price is 220,000 euros net, and the exoskeleton is sold in Europe. There is no minimum purchase required. Maintenance is required, and the warranty is one year. The exoskeleton has FDA approval and CE marking. There is no instruction manual, but a trial package is offered by the manufacturer. There is no assistive device number. Maximum walking distance is not required, and use does not require residual muscle function. Stair climbing is not possible with this exoskeleton. It is suitable for persons with complete and incomplete paraplegia. It can support one or both legs. The exoskeleton is not Orthexo-approved. The battery has a charging time of 2 hours and a durability of 8 hours in total (2 x 4 hours).


Wandercraft's Atalante was specifically designed as a stand-alone walking system for people with limited mobility. It is a fully powered hip-knee-ankle exoskeleton with additional activation at the hips, providing a total of 12 degrees of freedom. Not only can the Atalante maintain its own balance, but it also features dynamic gait control. This allows the user to walk with significantly less effort and have a more natural gait.


The Atalante is an assistive device specifically designed for physiotherapeutic use. It is highly customizable and can be used in different phases of physical rehabilitation, remobilization and exercises.


The design of the Atalante aims to provide the following features:


  • Hip-knee-ankle exoskeleton with drive in the lower body
  • Self-balancing
  • No need for crutches or a walker
  • Intuitive control
  • Programming to overcome obstacles and walk more naturally
  • Adjustable support level

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Company information

Facts & Figures

291 patients have already been served worldwide (as of 2022). Wandercraft has raised a total of $75.7M in 5 rounds of funding. The most recent funding was raised on January 20, 2022 in a Series C round. Wandercraft is funded by 16 investors. Cemag Invest and Mutuelles Impact are the most recent investors.

Company address

  • Wandercraft
  • 88 rue rivoli
  • Paris 75004
  • France

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