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Vincent Evolution 4: Myoelectric hand prosthesis from Vincent Systems

Vincent Systems 4 offers a waterproof myo-electric hand prosthesis that is adapted to the patient according to individual needs.

Your concrete advantages:

  • Waterproof
  • Fingers can be moved laterally elastic
  • Artificial sense of touch

Functions and advantages

Everything you need to know about the features and benefits of the Vincent Evolution 4: Myoelectric hand prosthesis from Vincent Systems need to know.

The VINCENT Evolution is a compact, powerful and versatile prosthetic hand with six motors. It offers high grip strength and precision when grasping as well as improved impact resistance thanks to elastic fingers. The index finger is also touchscreen-capable. New grip patterns make it easier to hold cutlery, writing utensils and tools. An intuitive control allows switching between up to 15 grips. There are four wrist options to choose from. Charging is via USB-C jack, which allows independence from special charging adapters and can thus be easily recharged on the go at any time, e.g. with a powerbank. The battery system is formed by flexible cells, which are available in different capacities depending on the requirements. The hand control of the 14 handles is divided according to a firmly defined handle scheme. The long open signal can always be used to reach the home position, and from there all other handles can be controlled by means of a changeover signal. VINCENTevolution 4 offers the option of locking the hand in a desired position with six short close signals. To unlock, a long open signal must be held to return to the home position. Although it is not possible for the user to adjust the grip pattern, he/she is provided with a training app. The thumb position is automatically adjusted as soon as a certain grip is activated.

The prosthesis is waterproof because the gel-cast fingers run more smoothly, and the flexible mounting of the base joints of the fingers allows the fingers to be squeezed together naturally when the hand is slightly splayed. The use of an elastic material for the shell of the metacarpus improves the feel. For the first time, the shell of the metacarpus is made entirely of an elastic material. A special innovation is the completely dust-tight covering of the finger and thumb base joints. The optimized finger and thumb tips are touchscreen-compatible. The hand is completely enclosed by space-saving visor-like joint solutions. The index finger is touchscreen-compatible in the proven manner. The artificial sense of touch, which gives the prosthesis wearer a feeling of gripping power through gentle vibrations of the hand, completes the image of the new hand. The lightest version of the VINCENTevolution4 weighs only approx. 390 g.

  • Water protected according to IP68
  • 4 channel control
  • Elastic adduction of the long fingers
  • Faster access
  • Various wrists
  • Five different sizes
  • Simple operation
  • Five colors
  • App

Vincent young3+: Myoelectric hand prosthesis from Vincent Systems for children 8 years and older


The Vincent Young 3+ is a myoelectric, waterproof prosthetic hand designed specifically for children.


Your concrete advantages:


  1. Water protected according to IP67
  2. Especially for children from 8 years
  3. Titanium modern look

The VINCENTyoung 3 offers the user 13 different grip types and is suitable for children from 8 years of age due to its very lightweight design. According to the manufacturer, the VINCENTyoung 3 is the smallest multi-articulating prosthetic hand on the market. The hand is available in one size and four wrist variations. The VINCENT young 3 allows you to lock the hand in a desired position with six short close signals. To return to the home position, a long open signal must be held. Cosmetic gloves are available in various shades and cuff lengths in the form of textile gloves and offer a good alternative to the conventional hand position. The thumb position must be manually changed to the actuated grip, which allows the user to customize the grip pattern. The VINCENTyoung3+ is the third generation of the world's unique multi-articulating pediatric and adolescent hand prosthesis. Depending on the individual development of the child, use from the age of 8 is recommended. However, adolescent and young adult hand users can also benefit. The anatomically shaped, particularly lightweight hand is ideal for children from the age of 8. Due to its low weight of only 350g, the prosthesis is particularly comfortable to wear. The prosthesis is made of a lightweight and robust material, making it ideal for everyday use. The VINCENTyoung3+ is water-protected according to IP67 and therefore waterproof.
The wrist seal also allows you to wash your hands under running water with a quick release wrist. The wrist seal allows you to also wash your hands under running water with a quick-release wrist.

The long fingers are designed to be immobile in the middle and finger end phalanx. A spring element extends from the middle joint to the fingertip to support the grip when holding objects. Three of the four motors in the hand move the long fingers independently of each other in the base joint. The ring and little fingers are moved together. The thumb is moved independently of the fingers by the fourth motor. The base of the thumb can be swiveled passively, laterally via a 90° joint. The control is easy and quick to learn. With 13 different grips, you can select using muscle signals.

There are four color variants:


  • pigeon blue
  • black
  • blackberry
  • nature.

As with the VINCENTevolution4, the VINCENTyoung3+ also offers a choice of four wrist variants.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

You will receive professional consultation and fitting of your VINCENT prosthesis from us. We are qualified to advise and fit your VINCENT prosthesis.

A human hand of an adult weighs approx. 350 g to 500 g, depending on body size. In addition to the artificial hand, the weight of the socket, liner and the battery add to the prosthesis weight. In addition, the heaviest component of the prosthesis, the hand, is located at the outermost, distal end of the arm; the leverage ratios are therefore particularly unfavorable in terms of weight distribution. The Vincent hand system weighs approx. 300 g to 480 gr, depending on the type of hand.

Depending on the prosthesis variant, there are up to 6 motors in an artificial hand that rotate at a high speed, thus driving the prosthesis. The muscle signal-controlled rotation causes a motor noise, depending on the variant.

The noise becomes louder the more motors run simultaneously and how fast they rotate. Slow hand movements are quieter than fast movements. This noise is comparable to the driving noise of an electric toothbrush.

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For whom is the System 4 hand prosthesis suitable and for whom not?


  • Amputation height transradial, transhumeral and shoulder disarticulation
  • For unilateral or bilateral amputation
  • Dysmelia of the forearm or upper arm
  • The patient must be able to understand and implement instructions for use and safety instructions.
  • The patient must meet the physical and mental requirements for the perception of optical / acoustic signals and / or mechanical vibrations 3.4 Contraindications

Company information

Facts & Figures

The company was founded in 1998 and received the Foreign Trade Award for Technology in the Karlsruhe Region Global 2021.

Company address

  • Vincent Systems Ltd.
  • Width Str. 155
  • 76135 Karlsruhe
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