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Scewo Bro luxury electric wheelchair for stair climbing

Stair climbing luxury wheelchair (electronic) from the show "Die Höhle der Löwen". The Scewo wheelchair or short Scewo Bro wheelchair for crossing curbs, single steps or stairs.

Your three tangible benefits:

  • Climbing stairs without changing
  • Standing mode
  • Intuitive control & via smartphone

Functions and advantages

Everything you need to know about the features and benefits of the Scewo Bro luxury electric wheelchair for stair climbing need to know.

Height adjustment

The BRO is the ultimate solution for people looking for a versatile and comfortable chair. It offers endless possibilities and can be perfectly adapted to your physique. Thanks to its integrated seat lift, you can transform it in a matter of seconds - from a comfortable office chair to a practical bar aid or even the ideal wheelchair for seniors and the disabled. With the BRO, you always sit correctly!

Maximum seat height: 89 cm
Minimum seat height: 44 cm


The BRO wheelchair is the perfect choice for people who want to be independent and mobile. Whether you use it in everyday life or when traveling, the BRO makes it easy for you to get around. Through its intuitive operation via app on your smartphone or through the convenient control console - left and right mountable - which has integrated the hand joystick, you can seamlessly switch between different versions and thus always use exactly the option that is optimal for you at the moment. The joystick allows you to adjust the direction and speed of the wheelchair. Through the BRO app, you can also select different modes or make fine adjustments for speed or seat position. You can also keep up to date with new features and software updates for your wheelchair with the app. The integrated USB-C charging port allows you to charge your smartphone while driving - so you always have all relevant information at hand!

Technical details
  • Wheelchair class: B
  • Wheelchair weight: 162 kg (incl. battery)
  • User weight: 40-120 kg*
  • *For lighter people, customization is possible.
    Total length: 1005 mm
    Total width: 688 mm
    Height seat platform: 630 mm
  • Total length: 1050 mm
  • Total width: 688 mm
  • Maximum speed: 10 km/h, depending on legal requirements
  • Turning diameter: 1150 mm
  • Max. Slope: 6° / 10.5 %
  • Max. Obstacle height: 50 mm
  • Min. range: 25 - 35 km, depending on battery size
  • Seat platform height: 600 - 630 mm
  • Motorcycle tires with tube dimensions 80/80 - 14 tire pressure 2.8 bar
    Control console with joystick (can be mounted on both sides)
    Buddy Buttons - Compatibility
    2 jack connectors
    On/Off and mode selection
    App iOS & Android
  • Battery: Lithium-ion, permanently installed
    Capacity: 20 Ah or optionally 30 Ah
    Weight: 6.5 kg
    Voltage: 48 V Max
    Charging time: Approx. 5 hours
    Charger Voltage: 54.6 V Charger
  • Speed setting via app
    and touchpad
  • Range of maximum 25 km
  • Up to 20 cm obstacle height
  • Up to 30 steps per minute
  • Stair inclination of 36 degrees possible
  • own aid number
  • Sensors and rear view cameras
  • Transport is possible: E.g. on your passenger seat in the car
  • Wheelchair class B
  • Up to 120 kg user weight


Wheelchair weight: 162 kg (including battery)


User weight: 40-120 kg* (*For lighter persons, customization is available upon request) Parking mode dimensions:

Total length: 1005 mm

Total width: 688 mm

Seat platform height: 630 mm




Total length: 1050 mm

Total width: 688 mm

Maximum speed: 10 km/h, depending on legal requirements (in Germany: 6 km/h)

Turning diameter: 1150 mm

Max. Slope: 6° / 10.5%

Max. Obstacle height: 50 mm

Min. range: 25-35 km, depending on battery size

Seat platform height: 600-630 mm


Stair mode:


Classification type E

Slope: 20°-36° / 36.4%-72.6%

Speed: 30 steps/minute

Max. Obstacle height: 200 mm

Spiral staircases: Not possible

Min. platform size: 1150 x 1150 mm

Min. stair width: 760 mm

Min. number of stairs with one charge: 1000+.


Caterpillar mode:


Minimum length: 1135 mm

Total width: 688 mm

Seat platform height: 550-690 mm (19° inclination)

Max. Slope backward: 36° / 72.6%

Max. Forward slope: 10

Substrate: Solid ground only


Seat lift:


Minimum length of the uppermost seat platform: 950 mm

Minimum length of the lowest seat platform: 1200 mm

Height of the seat platform: 440-890 mm, continuously adjustable




Seat width (top): 442.5 mm

Max. Seat width with cushion: 460 mm

Seat depth: 385-465 mm (in 20 mm increments)

Max. Seat depth with cushion: 510 mm

Electric tilt/tilting of the seat angle: -5°-19° (only possible in park mode and track mode).

Backrest height: 630 mm (from seat platform under seat cushion)

Electric backrest adjustment: 15°-56°.

Back cushion: Compatible with the Scewo "Backbone Basic" back cushion and various third-party models via side mounting rails.

Foldable backrest: Yes

Weight of the backrest: 11 kg (including armrests)

Length of the arm rests: 365 mm

Armrest joystick length adjustment: 405-505 mm (from the middle of the back cushion).

Height of armrests: 190-310 mm (from seat platform under seat cushion)

Distance between arm rests: 420-500 mm in 20 mm increments (up to 340 mm possible in special construction)

Length of leg rests: 320-420 mm (from seat platform under seat cushion).

Electric angle adjustment of legrests: 16°-66° (arc to vertical)

Mechanically adjustable angle of the foot plates: Yes

Folding footplates: Yes, single




Lithium-ion, fixed

Capacity: 20 Ah or optionally 30 Ah

Weight: 6,5 kg

Voltage: 48 V

Max. Charging time: Approx. 5 hours

Charger voltage: 54.6 V

Charger charging current: 5 A

Charging cycles: 1000+

Charging: Magnetic plug

Aircraft certification: Yes, UN 38.3 IATA Wheelchair classification: WCLB




Control via control console with joystick (can be mounted on both sides)

Buddy Buttons compatibility

2 jack connectors for on/off and mode selection

App for iOS & Android, without additional costs

The software continues to evolve as you travel with BRO. Regular updates constantly expand the features of BRO and the Scewo BRO app.




Motorcycle tire with tube

Dimensions: 80/80-14

Tire pressure: 2.8 bar

Min. transport dimensions:

1130 x 695 x 790 mm (folded down backrest)


Equipment and accessories:


Headrest: Optional, height and angle adjustable

Smartphone holder: Included (optionally mountable on the left or right)

Thigh supports: Optional

Swiveling control console: Optional

Backpack: Included (not removable)

Value bag: Under the seat (not removable)

USB charging jacks: 1x USB-C and 1x USB-A

Rear view camera: Optional

Third-party accessories: additional cushion compatible via rail system on seat surface

Are my stairs going? Thanks to the different modes, BRO (almost) always finds a way to get to the destination. However, there are some small hurdles that BRO cannot overcome.

Stairs: Straight stairs or stairs with intermediate landings are mastered by BRO without any problems. However, spiral staircases or staircases with curves are not possible. Here you can find out if your staircase is suitable for BRO. Doors: BRO has a width of just under 700 mm, so it will not fit through doors that are narrower. Thresholds: BRO overcomes steps up to 20 cm high without any problems. However, free-standing thresholds can be a challenge. Find out here if your thresholds and steps are possible with BRO.


Optional accessories + options:


Rear view camera: 605,00 €

Headrest (standard, multi-adjustable): 562,00 €

Stabilization/guidance: ad-, abduction support (piece) (R): €406.00

Stabilization/guidance: ad-, abduction support (piece) (L): €406.00

Swing away interface: 1026,00 €

BRO Loader Car Ramp (flat): €854.00

BRO Loader Car Ramp (stepped): 1048,00 €

Upgrade to 30 Ah battery (instead of 20 Ah): € 1059.00

Special color Sahara Gold: € 1.250,00

Special color Urban Grey: 1.250,00 €

Additional Li-Ion battery charger: €198.00

Scewo Backbone Basic (back cushion): €648.00

You have to climb stairs in front of your home or at work? You want to overcome curbs, have conversations at eye level and do all this independently? Then the SCEWO BRO is just right for you!


  • STAIR RISE HELP: Your stair rise aid is always with you, no matter where the stairs are.
  • HARMFREE: With BRO you always get to your destination, overcoming curbs, ramps, uneven surfaces and much more.
  • INTELLIGENCE: Your BRO is getting smarter and learning new features, thanks to regular software updates.
  • DESIGN: The design of BRO is unique. You are on the road with an eye-catcher and are perceived differently in society.
  • AT WORK: You don't need an additional stair-climbing aid for your workplace and can hold conversations at eye level thanks to BRO.
  • NO CONSTRUCTION: Thanks to BRO, costly reconstruction on buildings is unnecessary. It replaces stair lifts and additional ramps.
  • TRANSPORT: You don't have to modify your car either, because BRO can be easily loaded into the trunk via a ramp.
  • PERSONALIZATION: You can customize BRO to your needs or add various accessories at the touch of a button.
  • ADVANCED: Various sensors and the rear view camera provide more safety and better navigation.

Scewo Bro luxury electric wheelchair for stair climbing is a medical exoskeleton suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It supports the lower body region and the hip, as well as the back, legs and trunk. With the wheelchair it is possible to drive, walk and stand. It is suitable for personal use and is powered by a battery with a charging time of 5 hours, which has a shelf life of 4 hours. The exoskeleton has a weight of 162 kg and can be used by users with a height of 120 to 200 cm. It is water and dust resistant and can be used at maximum temperature of 35 degrees. The retail price is 42,000 EUR net and the wheelchair can be sold in DACH countries. No minimum purchase is required and no maintenance is necessary. The manufacturer's headquarters are located in Switzerland and production also takes place there. The product has FDA approval and CE marking. An instruction manual is available and a test package is offered by the manufacturer. The warranty is 1 year and an assistive device number is available. The wheelchair does not require a maximum walking distance or residual muscle function for use. Climbing stairs is possible with the product. It provides support for one or both legs and is Orthexo approved.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Scewo Bro Health Insurance? In case you are wondering what a Scewo costs?

The Scewo Bro Germany wheelchair is and can be subsidized by the health insurance as an aid. The Scewo price depends on the model and starts at 30,000 EUR. The Scewo costs would have to be compared with a stairlift at the same time.

What is the Scewo Bro aid number?

The Scewo electric wheelchair has the aid number

Do you have any questions?

Can't find the answer to your question? Contact us.

For whom is the Scewo Bro electric wheelchair suitable?

  • Where no stairlift is possible
  • MS patients
  • Paraplegia
  • Dyskinetic cerebral palsy

Company information

Facts & Figures

Known from the show "Die Höhle der Löwen". Scewo has raised a total of EUR 15.2 million in 6 financing rounds. The most recent financing was raised in a Series A round on December 13, 2021. Scewo is funded by 7 investors. Zürcher Kantonal Bank and Verve Ventures are the most recent investors.

Company address

  • Scewo AG
  • Technoparkstrasse 7
  • 8406 Winterthur
  • Switzerland

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