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ReStore exoskeleton for gait training in stroke by ReWalk for restricted foot and ankle).

Restore by Rewalk Robotics is a battery-powered, lightweight soft exosuit, for the rehabilitation of stroke patients with limited walking function. It is part of the Rewalk exoskeleton systems.

Your concrete advantages:

  • Uncomplicated applicable
  • Also for patients with limited walking function
  • Extremely easy to learn

Functions and advantages

Everything you need to know about the features and benefits of the ReStore exoskeleton for gait training in stroke by ReWalk for restricted foot and ankle). need to know.

This therapy method is unique for rehabilitation clinics and the like, as it allows both supported dorsiflexion and supported plantar flexion for functional gait training of stroke patients.

ReStore Rewalk supports plantar flexion and dorsiflexion of the patient's restricted foot and ankle joint, resulting in improved force transmission. Rewalk Restore coordinates plantar flexion and dorsiflexion support of the patient's restricted foot and ankle joint, optimizing force transmission.

Sensors on the patient's shoes analyze movement and control the timing of support. A trained therapist can monitor key parameters, adjust the level of support, change/select modes, and record standardized gait school assessments.

ReStore combines gentle components with supportive plantar flexion and dorsiflexion to adapt to the patient's individual gait pattern. ReStore is an innovative design that supports natural movements to facilitate functional gait training for patients. Real-time analytics and customizable levels of support allow therapists to optimize therapy sessions as well as track their patients' progress.

The system controls the movement by small changes of the center of gravity and initiates a natural gait. The system controls the movement by small changes of the center of gravity and a natural gait is initiated. In order to use an exoskeleton, the ability to move hands and shoulders as well as walk with canes must be present. Healthy bone density and a healthy cardiovascular system are also prerequisites.


Key Facts


The 6.0 system is adapted to the user's body dimensions and individually manufactured. The high accuracy of fit significantly improves system function, safety and joint alignment. Walking speed In clinical trials with the ReWalk system, users achieved speeds of up to 0.71 m/s (2.6 km/h). This makes ReWalk 6.0 the fastest exoskeleton on the market. Product design ReWalk 6.0 no longer requires a backpack to carry the power supply and control electronics. This not only relieves the wearer's shoulders, but also offers increased freedom of movement in addition to more choice in daily wear. The sleek, new design of the straps and padding allows users to put on and take off the system more easily and quickly.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

ReStore by ReWalk Robotics is a more cost-effective and space-saving system compared to other systems in robotic gait therapy. ReStore by ReWalk Robotics is an efficient system that a trained physiotherapist can use throughout the entire therapy session.

ReStore is available for sale to rehabilitation facilities in Europe and the U.S., as well as other regions worldwide, depending on country-specific regulatory requirements.

In May 2016, there was a ruling at the state level that if an exoskeleton is purchased, it will be covered by cost recovery.

Verdict: Claim of a paraplegic for reimbursement of costs for a ReWalk exoskeleton (motor-driven hip-knee joint orthosis) by the health insurance - Direct compensation for disability

Specifications according to manufacturer Walking upright Accessing buildings and areas without ramps Performing activities while standing Getting to elevated objects More independence Conversations at eye level Participating in events while standing (reception, presentation, etc.) Going for a walk Tested

Health benefits: Effects on bone density Reduced body fat Improved balance and posture Improved cardiorespiratory function Improved bowel/bladder function Improved sitting posture Reduced pain and fatigue Reduced spasticity

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For whom is ReWalk's ReStore suitable and for whom not?

ReStore is used in rehab, specifically for stroke patients with limited walking function, primarily foot and joint problems, but with residual mobility.

Company information

Facts & Figures

Former President Obama took a close look at ReWalk's exoskeletons in the field and was impressed. ReWalk Robotics was founded in 2001 and remains the only manufacturer of exoskeletons with FDA approval in the U.S. for both home and rehabilitation use. Rewalk Robotics has received a total of $ 210.6 million in 16 rounds of funding. The latest funding was raised on September 27, 2021, in a post-IPO equity round. Rewalk Robotics is registered under the ticker
NASDAQ:RWLK. The company's stock opened at 12.00 $ on September 12, 2014. Rewalk Robotics is funded by 8 investors. Timwell Corporation and Kreos Capital are the most recent investors.

Company address

  • ReWalk Robotics GmbH
  • Leipziger Square 15
  • 10117 Berlin
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