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MCP Driver: Partial hand prosthesis from NP Devices

Designed for amputations within the first phalanx, the MCP Driver restores the middle and distal phalanges. This restores natural grip patterns. Alternatively, finger-only orthoses are also available.

Your concrete advantages:

  • Uncomplicated applicable
  • Clamp, key and cylinder handle
  • Applicable for single fingers

Functions and advantages

Everything you need to know about the features and benefits of the MCP Driver: Partial hand prosthesis from NP Devices need to know.

With the latest technology, lost finger limbs or hand areas can be replaced with a finger or partial hand prosthesis. If you want to create natural grip patterns, the method depends on how much of your finger is left. The first patient was fitted in April 2021 and was able to intuitively control the prosthesis and directly use the newly gained active grip strength.

The PIPDriver is the perfect solution for amputations at the middle joint, as it allows easy translation of the movement of the first and second phalanx to the prosthetic third phalanx. The MCPDriver is designed for finger joint amputations and provides excellent recovery of clamp, key and cylindrical grips as well as optimal grip stability.

The oppositional position of the thumb in relation to the other fingers can be restored with the ThumbDriver. Similar to the MCPDriver, the prosthesis is designed for amputations distal to the metacarpophalangeal joint of the thumb and is therefore suitable for dosed force transmission. The ThumbDriver enables the restoration of the oppositional position of the thumb in relation to the other fingers. Due to its design, it is similar to the MCPDriver and is therefore suitable for amputations distal to the metacarpophalangeal joint of the thumb.



This custom body-driven prosthesis is designed for individuals with amputations through the middle phalanx. The PIPDriver restores length, replaces a missing DIP joint and protects delicate residuals.




The specially designed ThumbDriver features a unique anchor design that follows the patient's natural CMC motion. It restores length, strength, resistance and the IP joint of the thumb

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

This includes achieving functional goals such as: independent self-care and home care, and return to work.

Restoring bilateral hand function reduces stress on intact joints and promotes long-term health.

NP devices are designed to assist the user's grasping strength in most everyday tasks and act as the user's extended arm. Examples of possible gripping patterns that can be achieved through the use of NP devices include: Power Sphere, Precision Disc, Large Diameter Wrap, 2-Point Clamp, Lateral Clamp, and Tripod Clamp. The mechanics of the MCPDriverTM joint design do not allow for full extension or compound flexion.

As an endogenous prosthesis, an NP device mirrors the strength and range of motion ("ROM") of the hand that drives the movement of the prosthesis. With an additional prosthesis, your patient can improve function and activity by restoring the length and leverage of the hand.

Yes. The devices are designed to be flat and slim so that a user can carry multiple devices side by side.

Yes, precautions for the use of a NP device

  • Forced extension or flexion beyond the intended joint mechanics.
  • High impact activities (such as martial arts).

The prosthesis can be washed with soap and water. However, they are intensively introduced into the product.

Quote manufacturer's specifications:Initially, the prosthesis can be worn for 30 minutes one to three times a day, and the wearing time can be increased in 30-minute increments as long as there are no negative symptoms. Many patients tolerate all-day wear after about three weeks."

NP Devices are covered by most insurance companies (i.e. private insurance, workers' compensation,). Whether the health insurance company will cover the costs is decided on an individual basis. Together we will create a care plan and a cost estimate that will be sent to the health insurance company for approval. We take care of the bureaucracy for you.

Typical wear is three years under normal wear conditions.

Do you have any questions?

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For whom is the NP Device MCP system suitable and for whom not?

Ideally, candidates for the MCP Driver have sufficient finger length to operate the ring of the prosthesis.

Company information

Facts & Figures

NP stands as an abbreviation for Naked Prosthetics

Company address

  • NP Devices
  • 614 4th Ave E
  • Olympia
  • Washington
  • 98501

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